(A lot of) sun, sand and spa

Simply put,  we had a most lovely break in Danang. The resort we stayed at, Fusion Maia, was most excellent. It only opened in October 2010 so the hardware was excellent. When we arrived in the early evening (with a stopover in Siem Reap that we weren’t aware of!), the airport pick-up was already waiting for us and a quick 15-minutes ride later, we arrived at the airy reception area. These photos were taken the next day, hence the bright sunshine 🙂

Service was attentive and impeccable as well but they had problems understanding more “complicated” requests. I tried to ask if a dish came with plain rice and the waitress didn’t understand me. Ended up with coconut rice instead which wasn’t bad but I would have preferred plain steamed rice.

The resort has a total of 87 villas with the pool villa being the entry-level rooms. And these were already HUGE! At least by my standards. Each pool villa came with its own pool which was of a good size (i.e. you can actually swim in it), a rather large bathtub (that took forever to fill up!), 2 separate basins (no more fighting over who washes up first!), standing bath area with rain shower and a separate toilet stall. I also love that the TV could swivel so you could watch it from the bed or when you’re showering! Heh.

And did I mention the bed? Each pool villa comes with a king-sized poster bed and one of the most comfortable beds I’ve ever slept on. At time of booking (from their website), there was also a choice of pillows and I chose the medium-firm ones. I hate the super soft ones that offer no support whatsoever. Bleah.

I had some of my best sleeps on this bed. In fact, I woke up blearry-eyed one morning and the boy remarked that I looked really rested. Nothing beats a good night’s sleep, really!

In the villa were also 2 pairs of neatly-placed slippers, one for each of us. There was actually a pair in my size! Got me really excited and pleased.

In the middle of the resort is the swimming pool. It was flanked by deck chairs and overlooks the gorgeous sea. Add an insanely blue sky and a gentle breeze to the mix and baby, you’re on holiday! 

There were also day beds dotting the beach which is the perfect place to read a book and enjoy the sound of the waves…Oh, and don’t forget the big hat 😉

Daily breakfast is provided in the price of the room and  because we slept pretty early every evening, we woke up in time for the buffet breakfast spread at the restaurant. A pretty decent range with local Vietnamese food (pho and fried noodles) to Japanese! Did you know that this place serves breakfast anytime at any place? This means that if you are a late riser and want to have breakfast at 2pm, it can be done! You won’t get to enjoy the buffet but there’s a limited ala carte menu that you can choose from.

Here’s a few of the ala carte items we tried and oh, I had the ‘Mint & Fresh’ tea everyday. The boy alternated between latte and cappuccino, declaring that the coffee was good. And yes, that’s a piece of steak you see. It’s a tiny thin piece of steak so it was ok for breakfast. Heh.

We didn’t realise that there’s quite a bit more to the resort until the next couple of days when we discovered the children’s playroom and a recreation area, complete with pool table and PS3 consoles! There’s also a ‘library’ but as you can see, it wasn’t too well stocked. Heh.

I don’t have a picture of it but it also has a very well-equipped gym with top-end equipment. The boy even found time to hit the gym twice. I told him that he’s mad to go to the gym while on holiday. We spent most of our time lying by the pool or at the day bed on the beach.

And of course, hitting the spa every. single. day. That will be in a separate entry altogether 🙂 But yes, Fusion Maia Resort is highly recommended if you’re looking for a place to get away from it all. There’s quite a lot of developments going on along the stretch (Hyatt is opening early next year) so if you’re planning for a beach getaway, it’d be good to go like, NOW.


11 thoughts on “(A lot of) sun, sand and spa

  1. Steak for breakfast! That’s a first! The buffet line looks absolutely pretty. Even if the food was just okay, they definitely score on presentation. Can’t wait to read more about THE SPA.

  2. may i know how much did you have to pay for the room per night? i am gg there on 11 to 14 nov but yet to book a hotel. many thanks!

    1. Hi floralgirl, as you can see from my picture in this entry, the resort is sitting at the beach. The beach is quite isolated so you don’t get any street vendors hounding you while you sunbathe 🙂

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