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Bloggers’ Meet!

Last Tuesday, I met up with a couple of bloggers. Yes, you read me right. We had a – gasp – blog meet! Well, technically, I knew everyone save for one but still, it was through blogging that we got to know each other.

I got to know Miss R [The Pleasure Monger] when we were both brides from Bridal Veil while Miss E [Heaven in a Wild Flower] and I were colleagues previously. I introduced Miss R and Miss E as they were both Singaporean lasses in London and they got along like butter on hot coal – these 2 girls are wizards in the kitchen. Through Miss R, I got to know Xiaolu who blogs at 6 Bittersweets. Adding to the mix is Miss L who is relocating to London soon so I introduced her to Miss R through Twitter.

Are you confused yet? 🙂

We all met up at Vivocity and had a relaxing steamboat dinner at JPot. It was my first visit and I was a tad overwhelmed by the large crowd (almost every table was full and it was a weekday evening!).

We ordered the ‘dinner set D’ for 4 pax ($98++) with the vegetarian (for Xiaolu) and the ‘JPot Superior Broth’ as the soup bases. We soon realised that the food wasn’t quite enough so ordered another round of ala carte items. As you can tell from the picture above, there were all sorts of condiments that you can mix-and-match on your own.

Many people have raved about JPot but I must say that I still prefer Coca. The meat was pretty fresh and thinly sliced but I still preferred the special chilli mix they have at Coca.

Food aside, it was very lovely evening spent with girls. Post-dinner activity included getting bubble tea from Gong Cha while I had a scoop of vanilla at Gelare (I’m not a fan of bubble tea) and then checking out the relatively new Sentosa boardwalk.

And all these because of blogging. Mind-blogging boggling!


7 thoughts on “Bloggers’ Meet!

  1. So lovely to meet you — the food was good but it was the company that really made it special. Your stories really livened up the evening =). Let me know if you ever come to visit the US (especially NYC or DC area) and hope we can meet again one day. In the meantime, there’s always Twitter!

  2. Yerps….me agrees three! Hope to catch up with the Londoners in London. And so what if it’s about blogging, hey. Even geeks can be cool! 😉 And Xiaolu, if I ever head back to the East Coast, let’s hook up! Cheers.

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