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One lovely Sunday evening

On Sunday evening, we headed over to my parents’ for dinner. Told the sister that we’d be taking Moon to Lower Peirce Reservoir for a run and asked if she’d want to take Domo along. When we arrived at my parents’ (dressed in slippers and shorts, no less), she was raring to go in her running attire, including my dad! I had to clarify that Moon is the one running, not us. That was funny.

The sun was about to set, casting a lovely view on the reservoir. Families, couples, joggers, dog owners, photography enthusiasts…they were all out in full force. In fact, the reservoir was rather crowded!

Here’s the boy getting the 2 doggies ready for their sprint. Moon’s always raring to go and will sprint off the moment she’s allowed too while Domo will simply take his time and totter towards us as if he’s on the dogwalk. Pfffft.

To our shock and amusement, my dad shared that it was his first time exercising at the reservoir! This, despite having the reservoir right by the doorstep. Tsk tsk. I passed him Moon’s leash and asked him to jog/walk with Moon. I really love these 2 pictures:

Doesn’t the above picture look like an advertisement for healthy living? Heh. There were a couple of other dogs on their walks as well and naturally, everyone gathered around and chatted. Here’s Domo sniffing out the Labradoodle‘s butt. Heh. You can’t really tell from the picture below but as I was uploading this picture, I realised that I have a cat print on my t-shirt (while out on a dog walk). Tee hee hee.

After the walk/run, we headed back home for a yummy dinner cooked by mum. It was a most lovely way to spend a Sunday evening and I do wish we can do this more often!


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