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A new dog run!

We recently discovered the existence of a new dog run within walking distance from our home. Technically, it is not a dog run. Rather, it is a fenced-up grass patch that was originally meant for other purposes (not sure what!). From my conversations with the other dog owners, the place was locked up till a couple of weeks ago when the lock was broken. Soon after, many dog owners in the area took their doggies to the area for runs and voila! We now have a dog run near our place.

There were all sorts of lil’ dogs! As usual, there’d be loads of butt sniffing going on. You can see the fence in the above picture and little dogs can actually squeeze their way out! Little dogs like this cute tiny Papillon called Star. She’s less than a year old and is extremely playful.

Moon and Star! We just need a ‘Sun’ to complete the trio and they can start a dog band. Here, you can see Star being chased by an Italian Grey Hound called Pony. And what is Moon doing?

She was only concerned with running towards the boy. Pfffft. She doesn’t like playing with the other dogs and at best, would only give them a cursory sniff. She also doesn’t like to play ‘fetch’, much preferring to sniff the ground. Or standing around and admiring other dogs’ butts.

We did say that we’d stay away from dog runs after her tick episode but this place looks a lot ‘cleaner’ and the dogs that play in the area all look well looked after. Also, there aren’t any wet patches and large trees that are popular areas for ticks to thrive. Also, we are a lot more vigilant after each dog run visit and so far, so good.

Fingers crossed now!


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