Much love Monday – The Cranberries LIVE!

Thanks to Stephanie at ‘the girl at the traffic light’, I’ve decided to write this short entry about last Monday, 1 August, which was a much love Monday.

Thanks to the sister’s boy, we had complimentary tickets to the Cranberries concert. Woot woot!

I can’t say that I’m a big fan of the band but I do know some of the all-time famous hits like ‘Zombie’, ‘Linger’, ‘Dreams’ and ‘Ode To My Family’. As such, I was looking forward to them performing their hits.

And they did! The concert kicked off with ‘Analyse’ and just before the encore, the concert hit a high with their hit ‘Zombie’. Everyone in the house was on their feet and I must have sang myself hoarse. Never mind that it was completely out of tune – not that anyone cared (nor could anyone here). Heh. They soon returned and performed another three songs, closing with the song I was waiting for – ‘Dreams’. It ended the awesome concert on a high and I couldn’t stop humming ‘Dreams’ for the next few days.

Did you know that the song was from – gasp – 18 years ago in 1993? Wow. Now, I feel really old. The band has definitely grown older but they still sound as good. It was just lovely experiencing them live.

It was definitely a much love Monday. Woot!


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