Little Miss Conehead

Every evening when I return from work, I’d clean Moon’s eyes as she tends to tear quite a lot. On Tuesday evening, I noticed that her left eye was particularly teary and I found that pretty unusual. I went about the usual cleaning when I noticed that just above her left eyelid was a small little red bump. I tried to remove it but it took a bit of force. When it was finally dislodged, I realised with horror that it was a tick!

Oh. My. GAWD.

My worst fears came true. I’ve always been paranoid about her getting infected with ticks/fleas and would apply Revolution and an anti-flea/tick spray religiously. I’ve heard many horror stories from dog owners about tick/flea infections so I take all precautions. Alas, despite all that precautions, Moon still fell victim to them. We are not sure where she could have picked up the tick (could be anywhere!) but my suspicion is the dog run on Sunday. I did give her a thorough shower when we came home but I guess it wasn’t enough. I quickly texted Lady J to get her to check Sparky as well.

The boy and I went into ‘combat’ mode after discovering that one tick and we combed through her fur to see there were any more. This is when I noticed that she had a couple of open scabs on her front legs which is probably caused by her scratching. Oh maaaaaan.

After removing the damn tick, I thought that she’d feel better but as the night wore on, I noticed that she was constantly scratching her left eyelid. In fact, she’s scratched it so much that the whole area was red and swollen. I was afraid that she’d be too rough and scratch her eyes accidentally. That would be disastrous.

When I woke up this morning and she greeted me at the bedroom door as per routine, she looked completely dishevelled, with her fur all over the place. When I looked closer, I noticed that the fur on her legs were wet too. Poor girl was probably scratching herself silly the entire night. Awwwwww. I would have taken her to the vet in a heartbeat but work beckons and I had to leave the house with a heavy heart. I promised silently that I would take her to the vet the moment I got off work. Now, I can totally understand how parents feel when their child falls ill and they feel helpless…

I couldn’t stop thinking about how she’s probably itching to death at home and thus, I sought the help of my good ol’ trusty Mum. I did some quick research on the web to see which vet she should go to and in the end, settled for the Pet Clinic at Serangoon Avenue 4. I couldn’t wait till I end work as the clinic closed at 5pm and my lovely Mum took her to the vet.

To cut a long story short, Moon was given a jab and a whole lot of medication, including anti-biotics. And with that, I was $118 poorer.

On top of that, she’s got herself a new ‘fashion accessory’. Presenting, Little Miss Conehead.

A little background: Moon doesn’t like to even wear a collar around the house. The only time she’d put up with a collar is when she’s out on her walks and she’s suitably distracted. I tried to keep her collar on when she’s hanging around the house but she’d keep shaking her head and rubbing herself against the sofa in an attempt to remove it. Now, she has to wear a collar AND a cone. As you can tell from the picture above, I don’t think she’s a happy camper. Ha.

The moment we stepped in through the door, she was jumping all around, as if trying to tell us to ‘GET THIS OFF MY HEAD!! OFF! OFF!’. It was pretty hilarious to watch but after she’s calmed down, she seems resigned to the fact that she has to wear a cone around her head and promptly fell asleep.

Check out her poor left eyelid. Ok, her eye’s not affected. The red area is actually her eyelid. The area looks sparse with fur loss 😦

My poor baby. I hope you get well very soon!


9 thoughts on “Little Miss Conehead

  1. Poor Moon… the eye looks really bad.. I hope she recovers soon! As ‘paw-rents’ the feeling is slightly worse becos our fur-kids can’t talk and dogs tolerance for pain is super high. ;( Don’t worry, with meds and proper care, she will be bouncing back into action.

    We better ‘ban’ the dog-run for a bit…

  2. Get well soon… My rusty also get infection from his ear and he had to wear a e-collar for a whole week.. He still can run around playing with his toy as if the e-collar is invisible. U should let moon catch some toy with the thing on… It so funny…

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