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miss ene eats: Sho Teppan

The boy and I headed to town on Sunday as he wanted to check out the Isetan Golf sale. This is also where there were more men than women in one shopping spot. Heh.

We decided to go for an early dinner at ION Orchard but had no idea what to have. This is a very common dilemma, the ‘What’s for dinner?’ question. After wandering about for a bit, we stopped in front of Sho Teppan that touts itself as do-it-yourself teppanyaki. I was craving for Korean BBQ but there were none within decent walking distance so this was the closest.

We felt a little out of place because none of the serving staff looked above 24 years old while the other patrons in the restaurant were also teenagers or at most, very young adults. Suffice to say, I didn’t have very high hopes for the food quality.

We sat at the counter seat and the kind waitress (who didn’t sound local) asked if it was our first time there. Our blur faces must have given us away. We said ‘Yes’ and she proceeded to explain the menu to us. That was nice. I decided to order the Kurobuta Pork Teppanyaki while the boy had the Wagyu Beef Shabu Shabu.

When the food first arrived, I wasn’t really impressed. You can’t really tell from the picture above but the salad that came in the bowl (beside the miso soup) looked really…sad. It was obviously pre-prepared as the vegetables looked dehydrated. The boy’s Shabu Shabu didn’t look too impressive as well with random bits of vegetables thrown in. I dare say that Shabu Shabu we make at home looks more appealing!

Thankfully, it didn’t turn out too bad! In fact, I quite enjoyed my Kurobuta Pork Teppanyaki. It was flavourful and nicely marinated. Thanks to the fat marbling, it was also tender. My only grouse? There were 3 really teeny tiny pieces of mushrooms. And yes, I counted. The boy’s Shabu Shabu was decent but not the best.

I wouldn’t returning for another round of the Kurobuta Pork Teppanyaki!

Sho Teppan
2 Orchard Turn
#B3-19 ION Orchard

Opening hours: 11.30am – 9.30pm



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