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‘Scuse me, are you a nurse?

I bought this button-front white dress from Raoul a couple of weeks ago from their sale. It was a steal at $80! There were only 2 colours available – black or white. I’ve got so many black dresses in various styles so I decided that I’d buy the white one. It did cross my mind that I’d be told that I’m a nurse but decided that I’d dress it up with accessories. You can’t tell from the picture above but there’s actually a slit at the shoulders. I also like the 2 large pockets and the collar shape. The dress actually came with a matching white belt in the same material! Now, that would really make me look like a nurse…

I wore it to work last week and maaaaan, the nurse jokes started the moment I arrived at work and continued throughout the day. It went from “Nurse! I got fever leh. How?!” to “You’re missing a red cross on your dress”. Some pretend to faint in front of me and asked for medical help. One even commented that I look like the beauticians at Clinique.

It was funny at first but this continued throughout the day and it got a little tiresome. A friend suggested that I carry a syringe around and threaten to jab the next person who makes another nurse joke. Heh.

So tell me, all you fashionistas out there. What else can you do to make it not look like a nurse? As you can see from the photo above, I wear a lanyard at work so I didn’t want to put on any statement necklaces – I’d end up hitting each other whenever I walk about (which is alot!)


10 thoughts on “‘Scuse me, are you a nurse?

  1. The big pockets and big white buttons are not helping you much.

    Maybe replace the buttons with coloured ones? There are really nice floral/vintage/patterned ones at craft stores or Chinatown.

    Or dye the dress?

  2. Perhaps adding a funky brooch could give it a more casual look.

    Match it with leggings or pants next time? I’m not sure, try it before you head out with it.

    Wearing it with a vest?

    I still think adding on the necklaces would be good, maybe not for work but when you go out.

    If you really like this dress and expect yourself to wear it often, you could add on some colours to it (if you don’t mind – eg. patchworks, iron-on patches, sew some buttons on somewhere around for the fun out of it), could remove that crisp look of the dress.

    That’s all I can think of as of now!

    It’s okay, I’ve worn a vintage dress to school before, it looks kind of sailorish and I got comments abt me looking like sailormoon HAHA

  3. Hmm… this is a toughie! I think I would probably wear a nice camisole inside and unbutton the first 2 buttons. For a nice Summer vibe to the dress, I may use a brightly-coloured scarf as belt so that attention is drawn to the belt instead of the white dress. Not too sure of the material but hopefully the suggestions may work. 🙂

  4. Thanks for all your suggestions ladies! I like the scarf idea – will have a think! I did think of dyeing the dress but if not done properly, it’d be horrendous. Unless I get it done professionally. Where can I get this done?

  5. How ab scarf over ur neck? But somehow u will end up look like a air stewardess…. But it better than a nurse rite.

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