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I love you already, Danang

The boy and I have decided that it is high time we take a holiday and since we both haven’t been to Danang in Vietnam, we have just booked ourselves a 5D4N beach resort holiday.


Admittedly, when he first suggested Danang, I was a little apprehensive. I had no idea what Danang had to offer except that it’s a beach resort. I was about to suggest that we head back to Phuket. I know….Phuket again. He then showed me the website of the resort that his friend (who works for a golf magazine and gets to go check out gorgeous resorts, then write about it) recommended.

My jaws dropped.

It was…..gorgeous. And then I saw these magic words:

  • Asia’s 1st All-Inclusive Spa Resort
  • Spa treatments included in the room rate
  • Breakfast at any time, any place of your choice
  • New 5-star resort

I was sold. Completely. Melted into a puddle of goo…

Ladies and gentlemen, may I present: Fusion Maia Resort. [All images from Fusion Maia Resort official website]

My eye glazed over when I read that we are guaranteed a minimum of TWO spa treatments (about 50 minutes each) per day throughout our stay. Yes, you read that right. If you’re lucky, you can even get more than 2 if space permits. In fact, I’ve already made pre-booking for a massage and facial on the evening that we arrive. Nothing beats an awesome relaxing holiday than to kick it off with a 2-hour treatment at the spa. Ahhh….

And did you read that bit about breakfast any time and any place? I’m a late riser, especially when I’m on holiday. This usually means that by the time we get out of bed, the breakfast that’s usually included in our room price would be over. Either that or we’d be rushing, blurry-eyed, to the breakfast cafe/restaurant just to make it in time and grab whatever’s left at the buffet table. Not very glamourous. At Fusion Maia, we can now sleep till the sun shines high in the sky and then have breakfast at any place we fancy, including the beach with sand between my toes. Mmmm….

The resort is currently having a ‘Honeymoon Escape’ package that includes 2 nights stay at a Pool Suite, champagne, private dinner for 2 persons, daily breakfast and all spa treatments. No prizes for guessing which package we booked! We extended it for another 2 nights with a ‘Hot Deal’ package.

Oh man. I can hardly wait.


16 thoughts on “I love you already, Danang

  1. Even though this is the second time I’m hearing about this, I’m whimpering with longing…. 😦 Husband’s eyes also widened and glazed over when I mentioned “unlimited spa treatments”. Enjoy yourself!!!

  2. haha i hope you’re not going next week…cos I heard our snr mgt team will be there at the same resort for some leadership retreat…lol

  3. Oh wow.. this looks A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!!!!!! Nothing beats a beach holiday, just kicking back, soaking in the sunshine and watching the clouds go by!! Those spa treatments are a PLUS too!! They are usually so expensive so this is such a great deal. 🙂

  4. Hi miss ene, I stumbled upon your blog recently and found out that you are goin to Danang. I just came back from Fusion Maia, and absolutely love the place. Have fun and enjoy the SPA to the fullest!! 🙂

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