We love pandan cake and we love chocolate cake. What better way to combine our two loves than to make chocolate-pandan chiffon cake!

There used to be a small stall at AMK Hub selling these little cakes but they have since closed down. Whenever we were there, I would definitely buy one (or sometimes, two) pieces for breakfast the following day. It was divine.

The boy decided that we’d try replicating this on our own at home since I have both the recipes. I was feeling under the weather so I supervised while he did most of the work.

It was as delicious as it looks. However, it was quite a feat trying to make these duo tone cakes because we made the pandan flavour first and then had to very quickly prepare the chocolate mixture.

I brought the cake to the office the next day and it was gone in a flash. Heh. I don’t think we’d be attempting this anytime soon though – too much work!


8 thoughts on “Two-in-one!

    1. Well, saying that he “bakes” is stretching it. It was a one-off and only because he was hell bent on trying to make the perfect pandan cake (which we both love). Don’t think there’d be a repeat performance. Ha.

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