miss ene wins a hotel stay!

A couple of nights ago, I received a message from Yi Lin asking me if I knew that I won a 3-night hotel stay in Beijing from Zuji. I had no idea what she was talking about until I checked Zuji’s Facebook page and saw my name there.


They were asking fans on their page when they’re hit 14,000 fans on their Facebook page and I randomly hazarded a guess (I put down 12 July). And amazingly, that was the correct date! That was how I came about to win the 3-night hotel stay in Beijing. I contacted them with my email address and waited with bated breath for more details to come. The boy and I are planning for a much-needed holiday and I thought this couldn’t have come at a better time.

I didn’t hear back from Zuji for a couple of days and was fast forgetting about this when I checked my email earlier and oooh, details were in!

I skimmed through the entire email excitedly, trying to find the name of the hotel and eventually, I found it. It says “Beijing Traditional View Hotel“. It is located at a hutong which is an ancient city alley.

Now, I don’t know about you but when I saw the word ‘Beijing’ and ‘Traditional View’ in one line, I had a feeling it was going to be traditional, i.e. old school, old and smelly. I used to rough it out in guest houses and hostels in my younger backpacking days but these days, I can’t bear the thought of sleeping on less-than-clean bedsheets or rooms that smell musky.

We did a quick Google and on Tripadvisor, there were mixed reviews. There were some gorgeous pictures of pretty traditional rooms but upon reading further, they were deluxe or suite rooms. (The rooms I won were standard ones, at about S$57 a night).

Hotel facade

Standard room

Deluxe room

They look pretty decent, right? But these are professionally taken photos (spot the artistically-placed roses on the bed) and I’ve stayed at enough hotels to know that photos never tell the truth 🙂 I saw some photos taken by tourists and let’s just say that it looks nothing like these.


I’ve been to Beijing a couple of times for business but that was many years ago. I was all excited when I won the hotel stay but now, I’m not so sure.


2 thoughts on “miss ene wins a hotel stay!

  1. congrats 🙂 but I hear you…it’s always disappointing when the hotel room doesn’t even come close to what they show on the official website. I always check trip-advisor for a dose of reality before I decide.

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