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Capture the Everyday: Place where things pile up

When I saw this entry by Lady J, I was flabbergasted. How can a place that piles up look all neat, tidy and chic? NOT FAIR! You’d have to choose a REAL messy pile, Lady J. Heh. I hopped over to Mel’s blog (who started the meme) and chuckled when I saw her messy pile. I’m glad to know I’m not the only messy one.

The moment I saw the meme, I grinned because I immediately knew where this place was in our home. For us, it was none other than the dining table.

It’s the closest thing the moment we walk through the door so that makes it the most convenient place to place stuff. Stuff can mean anything from dinner, my handbag, to groceries. If the groceries don’t need to go into the fridge, it will be sitting there…for a while. And it drives the boy mad. I’d also leave my purchases on the dining, in the paper bags they came in…until I need them, that is. Yes, it is a very bad habit and I’m trying my best to curb it. The boy nagging at me helps too. 

How do we have our meals then?

Well, there’s only 2 of us and the table can seat 4 so when meal time comes, we simply…push the stuff to the end of the table! Wahahahahaha. It’s terrible, I know.

So here goes, a picture of where things pile up in our house. This is an average day. Some days, it gets worst. Heh.

As you can tell, I’m the biggest contributor to the mess *blush*. I know, a hairdryer really shouldn’t be on a dining table but I got lazy about putting it back into its rightful place (which is in a box in the bedroom). And for the record, that Transformers toy has sat there since I bought it with a KFC meal a couple of weeks back. (Or has it been months…?)

So. Now that I’ve confessed that I can be quite a slob, where do you pile your things? 🙂


6 thoughts on “Capture the Everyday: Place where things pile up

  1. Dining table for me too! I pile EVERYTHING there the moment I am home. So that means my bags, cardigans & jackets, letters, water bottle, keys, etc.. And yes, I am the messier one. :p

    1. Haha. I think most couples use their dining table as a ‘dumping ground’ which is a terrible habit. I do clear it up at one go once in a while when I’m in the mood though. Cannot stand the mess!

    1. Heh. They’re fake flowers, btw. Got them from King & King Wong at nex where they have ALL SORTS of fake flowers. Got help from my friend Eunice to style them. I’m not that creative! And yes, actually, I do pile stuff at my bay window too *blush*

  2. Thanks for joining in! Our kitchen table is a place where things pile up too. We don’t have a dining room table (overtaken as a play room at the moment) but the section of the kitchen table where we DON’T sit always has junk on it. Sigh.

  3. The moment I saw this entry, I have this big big urge to enter this on someone’s behalf (surely you know who).

    There are just so many spots over there where things just pile up from left to right, top to bottom, one room to the other. Sigh, no amount of nagging helps.

    Help !

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