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miss ene eats: 8 Degrees Taiwanese Bistro

We noticed that a new eatery has opened up in our neighbourhood and decided to check it out this evening. We’re always on the lookout for dinner places and this is only a 5-minute walk away along Yio Chu Kang Road. The first thing that struck us was whether or not this was related to Jay Chou in anyway since he had an album with the same name. Heh.

The only Jay Chou item we spotted was a curtain with his mug printed on it. Other than that, they weren’t even playing his songs. Instead, old classic Taiwanese tunes were playing.

There was another family just finishing up their dinner and we were the only other table that was occupied. The menu looked pretty promising, with commonly-found Taiwanese dishes on it. Check out Coffin Toast! I thought that it was a spelling error but the boy duly informed me that it is a bona fide Taiwanese dessert. Ahhh….

We ordered 3 dishes to share between us – (clockwise from top-right) Taiwanese Oyster Omelette, Taiwanese Stewed Meat Rice and Salted Crispy Chicken.

The stewed meat rice and crispy chicken were pretty authentic and I enjoyed it. The chicken was freshly fried and crispy, while the hardboiled egg accompanying the stewed meat rice was similar to the eggs served at good ramen stalls. The oyster omelette wasn’t quite up to mark though – it would have been better if it was slightly more crispy. I also like how the dishes were presented. Rather aesthetically pleasing to the eyes, yes?

The bill came up to $24.40 which was pretty decent. We’d definitely come back to try the rest of the dishes!

8 Degrees Taiwanese Bistro 八度空间
164 Yio Chu Kang Road (just after House of Seafood, before the Esso petrol station)
Tel: 62848226


One thought on “miss ene eats: 8 Degrees Taiwanese Bistro

  1. hey i went there yesterday to have my dinner. it was awesome! i was told they just opened not long so some of the things are still setting up as time goes by. love the passion for taiwain haha

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