Pandan chiffon cake

I  haven’t baked or cooked in a long while. Last Tuesday, I took the day off from work (just because I felt like it again) and decided on a whim that I’d bake a pandan chiffon cake. I used the recipe from my last chiffon baking class.

Can you tell that I tried to style my cake, huh huh? I’ve seen the gorgeous photos and cakes from domestic goddess pixie R at the Pleasure Monger and decided that I shall attempt to make my bakes a little prettier. As you can tell, I was trying my best to be stylish by…sticking 2 pandan leaves into the centre of the cake. My favourite picture is the one showing the insides of the cake. Lighting wasn’t the best so that explains the shadows. Boo.

Oh well. It’s always a start!

Also, it’s not the prettiest subject. The top of my chiffon cake ALWAYS cracks. ALWAYS!!! Why doesn’t it look like the pretty ones sold at shops? Hmph.


2 thoughts on “Pandan chiffon cake

  1. I think it looks GOOD!! I think cracking has got to do with it rising too quickly under the dry crust, you might want to adjust the settings such that temperature is a little lower. That worked for me but it also depends on your oven. Plus, I think most people turn it upside down, such that the unmoulded side is at the top, so you can’t see the cracks at the bottom…

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