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Moon turns 4!

The 3 of us celebrated Moon’s 4th birthday (and her first with us) with a small cake from Doggiestyle Cafe at nex. For the record, it’s a lamb meat cake covered with cream cheese frosting. I snuck a taste at the cream cheese – pretty yummy! Didn’t dare to try the actual cake though. Heh.

Took loads of photos and after a hearty rendition of ‘Happy Birthday’, we I blew out the candle. She wasn’t quite sure what to make of the cake at first but couldn’t resist sniffing at it. She probably liked how it smelt because the moment I cut it into two and placed it on the floor for her, she didn’t stop gobbling it until the plate was clean. The other half goes into the fridge for tomorrow. Can’t have it all at one go – don’t want to risk an upset tummy!

We tried to take a family portrait but as you can tell from the picture below, it wasn’t too successful. We used the timer function on the camera but everytime the boy came and sat beside us, she’d be trying to lick him so when the camera clicked, she wasn’t looking at the camera. Pfffft. Oh well. I like our individual shots taken with her though! It was no easy feat trying to get the birthday hat on her head. Well, actually I lie. It wasn’t secured – I simply placed it on her head and held it in place for the photo. Wahahahahaha.


10 thoughts on “Moon turns 4!

  1. Sweet moments! I know what you mean about a family portrait! It’s tough trying to get pets to look in the camera! ;p

    1. Yes! It was a challenge. She would be looking at the camera while the boy was adjusting the camera but the moment he sat down beside us, she’d be trying to lick him and before you know it, CLICK goes the camera. RAH!

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