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Warning: This is a rant.

I’ve been asked many times how it is like being a lecturer. Or in grander terms, an educator. I am writing this quick entry because at this point, I am frustrated, extremely frustrated. I enjoy my job, I really do. However, what gets my goat is when despite repeated reminders (both verbal and written), there will be some students who will fail to submit an important assignment that will lead to a failure in the subject. A failure means that they will need to REPEAT the entire subject again. Mind you. I am not talking about writing a 10,000 word essay or preparing a 100-page report. All I am asking them to do is compile some of their certificates and complete TWO small surveys online (part of passing requirements). Once they do that, they pass the subject. FYI, this is a moral-education type of core subject that every student needs to pass (don’t ask).

Tomorrow’s the deadline. I have been reminding and repeating myself till I get embarrassed for being a nag. “Please remember to do this….do that…blah blah blah…”. Granted, the majority of students have completed the required tasks and have passed the subject. However, there is a handful that have not done it DESPITE REPEATED REMINDERS.

To top it all off, when I inform them of this, I do not get a “Oh dear, I’m so sorry. I will get it done pronto”. Instead, I get excuses. Or statements like “I do already!! But I think I forgot to print?”. Yes, there’s a question mark at the end, like I’m expected to answer the question.

Others, when confronted on why they have not done it, look at me and say stuff like “I was on MC what…” because oh, an MC covers every damn thing under the sky. Never mind that I took the effort to REMIND you to inform your classmates that if you are on MC, you are to INFORM YOUR CLASSMATE so that I can be informed. No, can’t be done. You were on MC and life goes on. Never mind if you are inconveniencing everyone else in the class.

So yes, I don’t even mind if you choose to fail a subject or choose not to  hand in an assignment. What really gets to me is the ATTITUDE towards the entire matter. Like it’s everyone else’s fault that YOU did not bother to hand in your work. It is really not my responsibility to check if you did because honestly, if you do not complete the assignment, YOU FAIL. Simple as that. But I bother to keep asking because to repeat an ENTIRE SUBJECT just because you did not do 2 simple surveys?! Seriously?!

A case of caring too much? Should I just say f*** it and put FAIL beside your name? Yes, maybe I’d do just that because at the end of the day, I know that I have done my best to help you pass and if you don’t want to help yourself, so be it.

Ok, rant over. Thanks for reading.


8 thoughts on “Attitude

  1. Maybe you should just rant AT them. Then they will get it that someone actually cares for them to the point of extreme frustration. I remember my Sec 4 geography teacher losing it, yelling, breaking down in tears in class and then storming out because half the class refused to do the assignments despite all her nagging and despite being so close to the O Level exams. She couldn’t understand why she cared so much for her students when obviously most of them didn’t care about themselves. That sure shocked us and woke everybody up from their stupor. And from then on, no more lousy attitude! I still remember the episode to this day – so it was pretty damn impactful!

  2. The problem is, only a handful of students behave such. Most are good kids and have done the necessary. I ask myself: Should I bother with these handful who clearly can’t be bothered despite my best efforts? The answer is no because I know that I have already done my best.

  3. Come to think of it, it was the good kids in my class then who felt really bad for making our teacher cry. Don’t think the lazy ones were impacted much by the episode.

    You know what’s the strangest thing? I dreamt last night that another of my teachers stormed outta class again and I went running after her. But she was my Primary 2 teacher and I was… my current age. Strange dream. At least it’s not the OCBC jingle dream again (probably cos I didn’t tune in to the radio over the weekend.)

    Yeah, live and let live is good but totally understand the need to rant once in awhile.

    1. Always the case, isn’t it? The ones you are scolding will not care. I’ve learnt how to let it slide but sometimes, it still gets to me. You’ve been having some mighty strange dreams, lady!

  4. Ms Ene, I think some students are really the hopeless cases lah. As much as you are willing to help, if they don’t want to help themselves, I think forget about being nice and let them fail. Have to be hard-hearted eh!

    Cheer up! 🙂

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