A (real) doggie bag

We’re all familiar with the term ‘doggie bag’ which, in local terms, means to take away food. We got Moon her very own doggie bag and it’s got nothing to do with food.

The reason we thought of getting her one is because on weekends, we’d take her out with us for a run or a visit to the in-laws but we’d have to head home immediately after because as we all know, Singapore isn’t the most pet-friendly of places. The in-laws live very close to Ikea and the boy remarked last week that it’d be nice if we could put her in a carrier bag temporarily (i.e. less than half hour) while we dropped by at Ikea (or the supermarket) quickly. Not a full-on shopping trip, of course, but a quick zip-in-and-out trip.

That’s how the idea of a doggie bag came about. The actual term for it is a dog carrier and after searching online, we checked out Pets Momo which is located very close to where we live. They sell a decent range of dog carriers so it was a good place to start. Besides, Moon isn’t the smallest of dogs so many of the smaller bags wouldn’t be comfortable nor fit her.

Pets Momo is a tiny shop selling dog accessories, mainly dog carriers and clothes for dogs. We brought Moon along to see which bag she could fit into comfortably and to also see if she’d freak out.

The owner, Ray, was very helpful and showed us the dog carriers that would fit her. There weren’t many and in the end, we settled on this rather large bag in beige.

I like how the bottom of the bag has a pseudo sheep-skin covering and it also has a rubber leash that can be used to secure the dog (so that it doesn’t hurt itself if it decides to jump out of the bag suddenly). It also has ample ventilation holes at the top, front and back. The bag also has many buttons and handles to ensure that the dog is secure when within.

Moon wasn’t quite what to make of it when we first placed her inside and naturally wanted to jump right out. Thankfully, I had her box of treats with me and we all know how treats work on dogs. We zipped her and she stayed nice and still. Awesome!

The bag wasn’t too expensive too, costing $69 so we bought it on the spot.

We placed some of her toys inside the bag so that her scent gets on it. I placed her inside when we got home to see if she’s ok with it (i.e. without struggling or whining) and she was perfectly behaved. Woohoo! Then again, her expression in the photo on the left makes me want to laugh. It’s like she’s saying “What are you doing, mummy?! Hmph.”

Tee hee hee.

I just hope that she’d stay still the next time we use it. Let’s see how it goes…

PS. In case anyone’s wondering, the bag’s really heavy when she’s in there! GAH! We’d just have to go to places where there’s a trolley and we can wheel her around (think Ikea and supermarkets). Ha.


4 thoughts on “A (real) doggie bag

  1. Hi girl, how’s the doggy bag doing so far. Just like to get some feedback regarding the durability of it before I buy it for my schnauzer

    1. Heya! It’s pretty good! Moon sits in it quietly and we can take her pretty much anywhere. It’s usually not for long though, i.e. for us to have a meal at the kopitiam. The straps are not super hardy and Moon’s not very light (7kg!) so we try not to go long distance in it. Hope this helps!

  2. Hey hey. Thinking of ordering some things online with PetsMomo. Something went funny with the paypal transaction, so wondering if the shop is still open.

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