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miss ene plays dress up!

I’m extremely tardy with this entry but I have a good excuse! I haven’t actually dressed up nicely to go anywhere in the past 2 weeks (!) so it was near impossible to complete this meme by The Pleasure Monger. But this afternoon, the boy and I got bored of being lazy and decided that we’d go check out the Great Singapore Sale at Suntec. Well, I had a free pencil umbrella to collect from L’zzie (I love their stuff!) so it was a good excuse to get out of the house.

I’m usually a jean-and-top kinda girl. In fact, I’m really quite a boring dresser, choosing to stick to styles that work for me. I’m not very experimental when it comes to the latest fashion, preferring classics over trends. If something works for me (e.g. dresses), I’d go into a dresses phase and keep buying dresses. I think you get the drift πŸ™‚

Deciding that it was way too hot to be wearing jeans and the fact that I recently purchased 2 dresses from Love Bonito, I decided to play dress up! I do not own many brightly-coloured clothes and this is my first orange dress. I was a little apprehensive when I first bought it but I’m glad I did because I love how cheery it looks. I really should wear more brightly-coloured clothes because colours are literally, an instant perk me up!

This is what I wore for our little shopping jaunt:

Dress – Love Bonito
Belt – L’zzie

[Please ignore my rather large nose and slightly pudgy tummy. The dress is rather clingy!]

I do not have many accessories and I really need to get a couple of statement pieces. Then again, I thought that the dress was already pretty ‘busy’ with the frills so decided to keep accessories to a minimum (I did wear a watch but I’ve already taken it out when I took the pic). And in case you’re wondering, the picture was taken in the bathroom. And did anyone notice that the mosaic tiles matches my dress?

Tee hee hee.

Go check out the rest of the ladies playing dress up:

Yann | Miss Z | faerieimp | Corsage

Miss Z : Our dresses are of the same shade!


15 thoughts on “miss ene plays dress up!

  1. i love wearing dresses too! It’s so hot and humid in singapore that dresses really do bring out the best in us πŸ™‚ are u a fan of love bonito too? I am as well πŸ™‚

    1. I’ve heard about Love Bonito but this was my first time buying from them. I’m not a big fan of online shopping because I like to be able to try them on first! I don’t like the anxiety of guessing if it’s fit (or not). Heh.

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