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Another day out at the beach

The weather was looking a little gloomy. It was overcast with loads of cloud cover and the sun wasn’t out. However, I thought that this is the best time to head to the beach! At least it wouldn’t be blazing hot. Ha. Also, Moon hasn’t been to the beach yet so it’d be a good opportunity to take her. The last time we were there, we took Domo. Wow, has it been 3 months?!

As usual, we headed to Tanjong Beach as it is the unofficial ‘dog beach’ on Sentosa. I find the other beaches, especially Siloso Beach, uncomfortably crowded on weekends too.

We found a spot under a small pavilion and laid out our picnic mat (more like a ground sheet!). We even brought along the free foldable chair we received previously.

The boy took Moon for a run around the area and I made myself comfortable reading Cosmopolitan magazine (my favourite brainless magazine for the beach!) on his iPad. Ah…bliss. When they returned, silly Moon kicked sand all over the ground sheet. Rah. As you can tell from the pictures above, she looked like she had a great time, running about on the sand. We’ve taught her the ‘heel’ command to make sure that she walks right beside us so that she can go without her leash and not scoot off in the opposite direction. Reinforcing the command with her favourite salmon snacks always do the trick 🙂

I tried to introduce her to the water but she placed one paw in and ran off quickly towards the boy. Hahaha. I guess she doesn’t like swimming then. By the time we were done, she was covered in sand and sea water and smelt rather funky. Pfffft. A good scrub was in order!

It was a lovely day out and best of all, the sun wasn’t blazing. Perfect!


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