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Capture the everyday: Getting dirty

This post is inspired by Lady J’s entry here called Capture the everyday: Getting dirty. This is from Mel at Adventuroo.

I got reminded of my 2-week adventure in Cambodia way back in 2002. I was with the BFF and 2 other friends and we were on a 2-week backpacking trip to Cambodia. Budget airlines were unheard of then and we were trying to make our way back to Bangkok by land. The creaky old van that we were travelling in was driven by a teenager who looked no more than 17 years old.

To cut a long story short, said teenager managed to drive the entire van into a HUGE pothole filled with muddy water. The van was stuck and we all had to get out of the van by walking INTO and THROUGH muddy water. I was just glad I was in slippers.

Here’s a terrible photo of me grimacing because of what I just had to do (muddy water was ankle deep!!) and yes, I was using mineral water to rinse my feet. I hate wet feet. HATE!


So what happened to the van? Here’s the story in pictures:

We were  at a village so the teenager sought help from the villagers to try and get the stuck van out of the water.

Picture 1: The villagers trying to use a jack to go under the wheel but obviously, that’s not going to work because the soil below the muddy water was soft. DOH.

Picture 2: Everyone thinking of next action to take.

Picture 3: Someone decides to rev the engine while the rest push from the back and SPLASH! The muddy water gets on everyone at the back of the van. Heh. I love how the photo captured the man’s reaction so aptly.

Picture 4: Finally! Everyone celebrates the un-stuck van.

And for the record, we missed our flight from Bangkok because the border closed and we had to spend one night in a super eerie guesthouse at a border town. That’s another story for another day…


6 thoughts on “Capture the everyday: Getting dirty

  1. I think you actually did cry a little when we got to the river crossing and they were welding the pontoon. Hehe…

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