A lesson in patience


I am not known for having oodles amount of patience. In fact, I can be said to be rather impatient. When I want something done, I want it NOW. If someone can’t get it done, I’d get it done myself. I do not have the patience to sit around to wait for something to happen. I believe this trait was inherited from my mum because she’s the same (if not worst).

Moon is teaching me a lot about patience. A LOT. She has been trained to do her business outdoors so we take her out twice, once in the morning and once in the evening. In fact, I’ve started to look forward to the boy returning home from work so that all 3 of us can take a leisurely stroll in the neighbourhood. It is also a good opportunity for the boy and I to chat about our day.

Even though Moon is only “supposed” to do her business twice a day, she has a knack for peeing randomly around the house during the day. I’ve noticed that she does this not when I’m in the same room but will only do it when I step into another room (e.g. I’m in the bedroom taking a nap). It’s almost like she’s doing it on purpose to show her displeasure at me not being with her in the same room.

And this drives me insanely mad.

It happened again earlier today. I took a short nap and when I stepped back into the living room, I noticed a pool of yellow liquid by the dining table. She has done it again. I took the cane (yes, the kind that was used on me when I was a kid), smacked the floor and said “NO!” repeatedly. Did you know that dogs are afraid of loud sounds more than they are of physical pain? I didn’t know that previously.

After cleaning up her pee, I ignored her and sat at the dining table while she looked at me with her sad eyes. I felt helpless and sadness mixed with a tinge of anger.

Why doesn’t she learn?
Why does she do this all the time?
What would happen when I finally head back to work and can’t spend hours at home with her?
Will I come home to a home covered in pee and poop?

I’ve tried everything – from putting Clorox on the usual pee spots to putting her pee at the correct area. We’ve rewarded her with snacks and praises whenever she does her business outside. We’ve trained her to not follow us around so that she (hopefully) becomes more confident without being around us all the time.

What else can we do?
What else can I do to teach her?
What can make her learn?
When will she learn?
Will she ever learn?

Then I remember what the boy said: That we should be patient and that one day, she will get it. Besides, I have to remind myself that the house is but a thing; an inanimate thing that has no feelings. So what if the floor gets dirty or stained? So what if the house smells? We can easily deal with it because we are the humans here.

In his quiet ways, I am, once again, reminded why I married the boy. Because patience is a virtue and I need to learn that miracles don’t take place overnight.

Patience is not the ability to wait, but the ability to keep a good attitude while waiting.

I shall remember this.


2 thoughts on “A lesson in patience

  1. It depends on each dog how long they take to be properly potty trained. My dog used to pee outdoors but as he age he could not control it that often. So i had no choice but to have a ” pee area” for him.

    He learns fast and never pee around furniture even when we shifted houses unless he seeks attention or is just plain cheeky. The pee smell will never go away no matter what you use to clean – at least to them

    but maybe you should try setting up a pee area even though its extremely ugly to sight . Place a newspapers to on top of plastic mat and keep the mat. your dog will know it has to go there to relieve.

    Or Maybe twice a day isnt enough to pee and poo outside.

    1. Thanks for sharing Mel. We suspect that Moon pees whenever we are not around to seek attention because like earlier today, she just peed before we left the house but when we returned, there was a puddle at the main door. Sigh. She has a pee area in the toilet and on occasions, will use it but whenever we leave her alone at home, she’d pee/poop somewhere random in the living room. I guess we’d just have to keep at it!

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