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Pets on furniture

The uber chic and gorgeous Lady J tagged me to do a ‘Pets on Furniture’ post so here’s mine! I have to state upfront that Moon is not allowed on our furniture and that includes the couch. Of course she’s tried – many times – by standing on her hinds legs and placing her front paws on the couch but every single time she does that, she’d be jabbed lightly and pushed off so that she stays off the couch. We do not want her on the couch, especially after I read tons of websites on dog behaviour and watching programs like the ‘Dog Whisperer‘ on National Geographic (love the show, btw!).

We need to remain the owners! We are the pack leaders! You are the pet! ROAR!

She is also not allowed into the bedroom and it is really cute to see how she stands just outside the door, peering in to see what we are up to. Occassionally, she’d try and stroll in nonchalantly (as if we can’t see her…) but a firm “OUT!” will do the trick. It’s only been 4 days since she’s been with us and so far, other than the fact that she still doesn’t quite know where to pee in the house (she’s been trained to do her business outside), she’s been quite a darling.

For some strange reason, she seems to think that the area by our main door is her toilet and she’d pee right there. Sigh. We’ve lost count on the number of times we have had to clean up her pee. The boy has used Clorox (!) spray on the area to get rid of the smell but does that stop her? Nope.

She’s got a pee pen in the toilet but refuses to use it. The closest she’s got to is to pee on the floor of the toilet but that’s better than everywhere else in the house because I can use the water spray to clean up the area. No biggie. It’s still a hit-and-miss so fingers crossed, she’d learn soon enough.

So yes, back to pets on furniture (sorry, I got slightly carried away).

Since Moon is not allowed on our couch, she spends most of her time lazing in her bed which I bought online from an Australian brand called FuzzYard. The bedding’s made from plush so it’s mad comfortable. I’ve been tempted to lie on it myself a couple of times.

Here she is snoozing in her ‘Carnival’ bed (love the prints!) with our Arne Jacobsen egg chair (replica) in the background. Beside Moon is Clammy, her ‘Ocean Buddy’ squeak toy.

5 seconds after I snapped the above picture, Moon changed her pose. Can you spot her head? I’m always a little concerned that she might sprain her back but apparently, many dogs sleep in this way. Heh.

She needs to stop sleeping with her legs so wide open. Rather unladylike, yes?

It’s really quite cute to watch her sleep and sometimes, she makes me want to snooze too, just looking at how comfortable she looks.


Check out the rest of the pets on furniture from Miss Leney and hopefully soon, Yann!


6 thoughts on “Pets on furniture

  1. Thanks babe for doing this meme. Sparky sleeps like that too!!! I think that she’s just very relaxed in her bed. I know I would be too.. that bed looks so plush and luxurious! I wish Sparky could fit into it.. but knowing him, he would prob destroy the bed within minutes.. hehe

    1. It was a pleasure! I think most dogs sleep with their legs wide open (for the world to see). Haha. I’m glad Moon has taken to her bed. When she was first introduced to it, she didn’t sleep in it, probably because it doesn’t have her scent. She loves to curl up in it now. They have 3 sizes and the one I got for Moon is Medium. Sparky can probably fit into a Large?

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