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Exploring Punggol East

Thanks to Moon, we have been checking out places that I would never have ventured to without her. On Saturday evening, before a home-cooked dinner at home with the family, the boy took us to a new hideout again: Punggol East.

The exact road name is Tebing Lane, off Punggol East Road. I had no idea this place existed! I was surprised to see that Popeye’s had a branch here with a drive-through! Apparently, this is Popeye’s Asia’s first drive-thru. Wow. Bet you didn’t know that 😉

There were a couple of other dining places such as Uncle Leong Seafood, Shin Nichi (Japanese) and a couple of bistros and bars offering al fresco dining. Walking past the restaurants and cafes, you’d come face to face with a nice pathway alongside a body of water called Serangoon Reservoir (Singapore’s 17th!). There were lovely shrubs and flowers planted along the sides which made for a pleasant evening walk.

Guess what this is?

It’s a pretty lovely structure, isn’t it?

Turns out that this interesting building houses the…


The boy was holding onto Moon while I busied myself snapping pictures for this blog entry. Heh. If you squint at the first picture on the top-left, you can just make out the boy (in a neon yellow running shirt) holding Moon. She really enjoys running as she has boundless energy!

Further down the pathway, we came to a little resting area with wooden benches. Perfect for a quick break and drink of water…

We continued with our walk and came to this sign just before an imposing red-steel bridge:

I don’t know about you but whenever I hear the word ‘Lorong Halus’, I think of a landfill site. That’s not far from the truth except that now, the area’s been turned into a reservoir. Hey, if we can turn waste water into drinkable water (NEWater), why can’t a landfill (that used to be filled with rubbish and all sorts of unmentionables) into a reservoir eh? I guess that’s Uniquely Singapore for you 🙂

The boy seemed to know the developments of the area so he was telling me about it, pointing out the various landmarks.

In the middle of the bridge, we stood and admired the large body of water beneath us:

I must say that I quite like the red-steel bridge. As the boy quipped, this is a ‘cheap bridge’ but cheap doesn’t mean ugly! I thought the ‘industrialism’ look is rather hip and funky 🙂

At the end of the bridge was Lorong Halus Wetland. It was clear to see with the various colourful signs!

We tried spotting our ‘feathered friends’ but no such luck.

There wasn’t anything particularly exciting at the wetland but it looks like more developments are underway. As the sun set, more families, friends and couples were out and about on their bicycles, jogging or simply taking a nice leisurely walk. We did an about-turn and headed back to where we started for our well-deserved dinner with my family. Mum doesn’t cook dinner much these days so it was a treat!

In case you’re wondering where Moon sits when we’re in the car, here she is – in the middle backseat. The green towel you see beneath her is an old army towel that belonged to the boy.

It was another lovely Saturday walk!


12 thoughts on “Exploring Punggol East

    1. Oooh otters?! Really? That’s pretty amazing. Where do they come from though? Thanks to your RT, I saw a sudden spike in my blog readership. Haha.

  1. Good, bloggers needs TLC! So many stopped after the onset of twitter and facebook.

    There are two species of otters in Singapore;
    There are few records of small-calwed otters these days but numerous records of of smooth-coated otters.

    After many visits by single animals from Malaysia, a pair of smooth-coated otters finally took up residence in Sungei Buloh Wetlands Reserve (then a nature park) in 1998. That pair bred and raise a coupe of litters of pups. It is also suspected other animals came from Malaysia as well.

    They are now seen along both the east and west Johor Straits since the reclamation/reservoir work settled down. With more naturalists and digital photography, we have good records. Hope you encounter them and blog about it some time!

  2. Looks like a cool place! Shall try it out when we’re back (for the restaurants heh)!

    By the way, what do you use to make your pictures into those nice rectangular collages? 🙂

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