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miss ene eats: Canopy Garden Dining (Bishan Park)

With Moon spending her weekends with us, I end up looking for pet-friendly cafes/restaurants to visit. Why don’t more cafes/restaurants welcome pets? I can assure them that there is a whole load of pet owners who are on the constant lookout for pet-friendly establishments that serve decent food at decent prices. It doesn’t even matter if pet food is served.

We didn’t want to travel too far so we decided to check out Canopy Garden Dining at Bishan Park for lunch. Another plus: Bishan Park has a dog run!

It wasn’t too crowded when we got there and got a nice table near the giant outdoor fans. Very important in our mad heat! Thankfully, it was a cloud-covered day so it wasn’t too humid. Spotted a couple of furry friends with their owners at the next tables too. Interestingly, there were quite a few angmo patrons. Where did they come from? Don’t they all hang out at Holland Village or Dempsey?

My original intent was to try their egg benedict but I got distracted by their mini burger sampler. Besides, I had 2 half-boiled eggs for breakfast already so enough with the eggs. The boy had boring fish & chips. The full menu can be seen on their website here.

The food turned out more decently than I expected. I read the reviews on Hungrygowhere and was a little concerned with bad service and lacklustre food. Thankfully, both were unfounded. The boy finished up every morsel of his fish & chips while I really appreciated the tiny burgers. They weren’t kidding when they said ‘mini’! Instead of burger buns, they used mantou buns which I lurve. My only complaint? They soaked up all the oil so were a tad oily. It was also pretty expensive as our bill came up to $52 (2 mains + 2 drinks). Then again, I guess you are paying for ambience and ‘cafe-style’ food.

Post lunch, it was time for a spot of exercise!

There weren’t many other dogs around save for 2 other little ones so Moon had a great time running all over. I was sitting under the shade at a bench watching the boy play with Moon and my heart danced with joy. Here are 2 short video clips I took with my phone to remember the moments:

This is a funny one – the boy was running with Moon and when he changed directions, guess who didn’t switch? Hahahahaha.

Here’s another one where Moon was running towards the boy and then they got too far away from me but if you look carefully, the boy was showering her with praises for being a good girl (for listening to instructions)

Canopy Garden Dining
1382 Ang Mo Kio Ave 1
Bishan Park II

Tel: +65 6556 1533




4 thoughts on “miss ene eats: Canopy Garden Dining (Bishan Park)

    1. Haha, I think that’s because I have the water dish! Then again, she doesn’t quite like drinking water and we usually need to ‘force’ her to do it. She much prefers to drink milk!

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