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Another lovely Saturday

I’m sure we are not the only couple in Singapore who face the inevitable question every weekend: Where to for brunch/lunch/dinner? We usually end up at our usual spots in the neighbourhood unless we have something to do in town.

Today, the boy decided that he didn’t fancy any ‘angmo food’ so we decided to head to Old Hong Kong at MyVillage at Serangoon Gardens. It wasn’t our first time there and it is our go-to place for dim sum if we feel like it.

My only complaint? They charge 80 cents for water. Pfffft.

After brunch, we headed to the pet shop to pick Moon home for the weekend. Hopefully, this is the last weekend that we have to do this and she can come home next weekend. WOOHOO!

I put on her new pink collar with the cupcake tag the BFF made for Moon and she looks adorable with it. I don’t think she quite like wearing a collar though because she keeps trying to take it off by rubbing herself against the sofa. I’ve also caught her with the cupcake in her mouth(!). She’s starting to warm up to her new bed so fingers crossed, over time, she’d figure out that this is her bed.


9 thoughts on “Another lovely Saturday

  1. Such a pretty bed who wouldn’t love it! They will get use to the collar.. Sparky didn’t as well but with time, he’s used to it already.

    1. Yes you’re right! She’s scratching less now with the collar around her neck but I can tell that it still irritates her cos she’d be trying to remove it.

    1. I found the egg tarts ok at best. The best ones I’ve had were in HKG. Now, those were AWESOME and TO-DIE-FOR. I really hate places that charge you for water. Might have to re-think if we want to go back to this place. Pffft.

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