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Did you know that the 2nd wedding anniversary is called the Cotton Anniversary? I didn’t know that until I googled it. And that’s what miss ene and the boy celebrated on 22 May 2011. Yes, two years have since passed!

And guess where the boy was taking me? Here’s a clue:

It was a gloriously sunny day and no, we weren’t going for a staycation.

The (sweet) boy bought tickets to the Lion King! Woohoo!

I casually mentioned before that I’d like to catch it but I didn’t think he’d really get tickets for it. Best of all, he didn’t just get tickets. He got awesome tickets that were 8 rows (middle portion) from the stage. Woohoo again!

The show started promptly at 2pm and it was AWESOME from the word go. I shan’t spoil it for you if you haven’t caught it yet but make sure you don’t miss the opening πŸ™‚ The sets were colourful, the songs were catchy (all the familiar favourites were sung) and the stage set-up was gorgeous. I was, literally, transported to another world during the 2.5 hours (20-minute intermission). Did I mention the costumes? They were intricate and coupled with the puppetry, it was easy to get drawn into each character.

Photos from various sources.

Before we caught the show, many friends have told me how great it was so I watched it with high expectations. Still, I walked out on a high, hugging the boy, exclaiming “So nice hor??!”

Strangely enough, halfway through the show, the angmo guy sitting beside the boy was snoozing. When he finally awoke, he fiddled with his Blackberry (which was extremely irritating because the bright screen lit up in the dark hall!), sending out emails and stuff. Me thinks he got dragged there (reluctantly) by his girlfriend/wife who was seated beside him.

Anyway, after that high energy show, we headed off to Raffles City for dinner. We didn’t fancy any of the erm, fancy restaurants at MBS and didn’t quite want to eat at the food court again so we left the place.

Our dinner venue?

Teahouse – The Asian Kitchen.

And yes, you read it right. No fancy dinner for our anniversary. To be honest, the tickets already costs a bomb and we were equally happy having dinner at a non-fancy place.Β In fact, I thoroughly enjoyed our simple romantic dinner at 5pm as there were not many diners around. We did not have lunch so we had an early dinner as we were starving. At least I was! We chatted happily about random bits and bobs and had a most lovely time.

May we celebrate lots and lots more anniversaries together! πŸ™‚


12 thoughts on “Cotton-R-Us!

  1. I never knew there was such a thing as a Cotton Anniversary. You both must have been floating on a fluffy cloud of lurrve that day! Ok, corny. Loved the Lion King too – and I didn’t even have THAT good seats. In fact, I was in the last row at the back of the hall! Decided to swap seats with a friend just as the lights dimmed after the intermission and almost got run over in a stampede coming down the aisle. Scary, it was. Happy Anniversary!

  2. Congrats on your 2nd anniversary! Glad that you wrote a review on The Lion King. I’ve been wanting to catch it since I first heard about it last year but somehow, just never seem to find the time for it. Nevertheless, we will be catching it in mid-June and i’ve heard nothing but praises for this musical. Goody! πŸ™‚

  3. hey buddy…. CONGRATS!!! to u & J… sorry for the late wishes… been trying to catch up with yr blogs after all these while… heehee… =P

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