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miss ene visits the ArtScience Museum

Being an educator has its perks, like getting free entry to the ArtScience Museum at Marina Bay Sands. This week is the ‘Educator’s Preview Week’ and all we need to do is to register online. There are 2 exhibitions going on currently – Dali: Mind of a Genius (14 May – 30 October 2011) and Van Gogh Alive: The exhibition (16 April – 6 November 2011).

The Dali exhibition displays more than 250 artworks by the eccentric artist. The exhibition area is split into different themed areas – Femininity and Sensuality, Religion and Mythology, Dreams and Fantasy.

This is what the official site says about the Van Gogh exhibition:

Immerse yourself in the work of Vincent Van Gogh through an artistically choreographed sequence of sights and sounds in this unique production that fuses art and audio-visual technology. Showcasing the artist’s work during his most prolific period of painting between 1880 and 1890, the dynamic display unfolds across the inside of a distinctly designed gallery interior. Explore the space, and discover new viewing angles and ever-changing perspectives on this giant moving canvas. The world touring premiere of Van Gogh Alive – The Exhibition is presented by Grande Exhibitions of Australia and VisionsCom of France.

We started our visit with a quick 10-minute guided tour by one of the museum staff. Thereafter, we were left on our own to explore.

I love the drawing reproductions on the wall as well as the little quotes that dotted the walls.

Photos aren’t allowed inside the installation art exhibition for Van Gogh so I’d try and describe it. After entering the darkened hallway, you will come to a large open space with huge blank walls. This is where giant Van Gogh art is projected on the walls. Accompanying these images are specially-chosen pieces of music that depicts the particular period of the artist’s life. Some are melancholic, others are slightly more upbeat.

The best way to appreciate it is to take a seat on the wooden benches at the side (limited numbers) or simply sit on the floor to fully take in the sight and sound experience. The guide told us that some visitors even laid flat on their backs to admire it. Pfwah, so arty farty.

I personally found the Dali exhibition more interesting. I guess I prefer looking at art pieces than light and sound 🙂 Took loads of pictures so I’m going to let the pictures do the talking blogging:

There was a timeline on Dali’s life and this bit jumped out at us, the – ahem – educators:

Morale of story? Expelled from school never mind, still can become world-famous artist 🙂

There was an area devoted to furniture and they were my favourite exhibits, especially the quirky way the tables and chairs were displayed (main picture):

Photos and quotes from the man himself – I love the lobster vs telephone quote:

This was another favourite of mine so here it is in its full glory – The famous Dali Elephant. There were different knobs where you could adjust the intensity of different coloured lights to play with the shadows. Lovely interactive touch.

I’m going to end this blog entry with this quote from Dali which cracked me up. The guy’s got a sense of humour. I like!

If you are looking for something to do over the weekend, go check it out and bring your camera!

The ArtScience Museum – Marina Bay Sands
Adult: $30
Senior (65 years and above): $27
Child (2-12 years): $17


6 thoughts on “miss ene visits the ArtScience Museum

  1. So awesome that you wrote this! I was wondering if it’s worth going, and looking at your photos and description, I’m definitely going!

  2. wanted to go and bring the kids along but a little put off by the admission tickets especially if the whole family is going…

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