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Exploring the north-east

Today, the boy took Moon and I to check out a place that he usually jogs at – the Sengkang Park Connector. We started our journey from Gerald Drive and headed towards the fitness centre at Sengkang. It was a good 2km stretch! The boy left me to walk Moon while he did his jog.

Moon looked excited to be out and about, taking in the scenery and the various joggers and cyclists that went by. She’s a fast learner – I taught her to ‘heel’, i.e. walk beside me at the same pace as me, and before we reached the 2km mark, she was getting the hang of it. It wasn’t perfect but definitely a fast learner. Hooray! With a couple more walks, I am sure that she’d get the hang of it very soon.

Btw, the running shoes you see in the picture above? We just got them from the Nike Factory Outlet store at West Coast Mall. Yes, we went all the way to the west to buy (cheaper) running shoes. Tee hee hee.

We found ourselves at Sengkang Floating Wetland and it was easily accessible via a boardwalk. In fact, it reminded me of our visit to a nature reserve in Hokkaido where we spotted deer, wild birds, etc. It was our rest point and everyone had a sip of water.

It was a hot day but thankfully, a nice breeze was blowing. There was a young couple seated on the floor playing the guitar (not hot meh?!), families with young children (a few of them came up to pat Moon, thrilled to bits at hand-to-fur contact), elderly couples on their evening walk, friends on a photography outing…It was really lovely to see people enjoying nature instead of being at a shopping centre.

Dinner was a quick stop at McDonald’s where I noticed the INSANELY LONG QUEUE at the drive-thru.

Snapped this picture while waiting for the boy who went into McDee’s to get our dinner. In fact, he took so long that I sent him a text: “Fast food not very fast hor?”


He finally appeared after a rather long time, exclaiming that there was a long queue. What’s up with today? Is it Eat-At-McDonald’s-Sunday? Did we not get the memo?

This was my view while waiting for the boy. There were loads of pretty kites in the sky across the road and it was lovely watching them bop about in the wind…

Anyway, armed with our dinner, we made our way back to a little seating area where we could look out to the Sengkang River. Ok, it wasn’t much of a view since the water was murky but it was nice sitting there with Moon, eating fast food and generally just enjoying each other’s company.

Definitely more to come, I’m sure!


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