How votes are really counted

I snapped this picture as we were walking towards the polling station. This is my second time voting but it felt different this time. I felt empowered by my pink identity card and the white voting slip…

Amidst all the General Election hoolabaloo, I found a blog entry to be enlightening and funny at the same time. You know how you hear people saying that they’re going to draw a tortoise beside the box of the party that they don’t like? Or how they want to scribble some random bits in the box?

You might like to think twice. Click here to have a read.

In the wise words of my colleague: If you don’t like a specific party, LEAVE THE BOX EMPTY!!!

On a GE-related note, Mr Brown shared this blog entry by a Potong Pasir resident called ‘Potong Pasir, My Kind of Town’. Read it just before bed last evening and ended up tearing uncontrollably. Sniff.


2 thoughts on “How votes are really counted

  1. Wonderful post 🙂

    Every time I see Mr Chiam speak I tear up. How I wish he could be our next president. He has so much humility and kindess. He automatically has my respect which proves once again that respect is earned and not commanded. He has my affection as well. How can anyone not love this man after he years of sacrifice and speaking up for the lil person in Parliment against all odds.

    1. I know! I’m the same. For some strange reason, he reminds me of my grandpa and when I see him bent double and still doing his rounds, tears will well up in my eyes. It’d be a great loss to Singapore politics if he steps down.

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