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I’ve wanted a dog to call my own for the longest time. When I was about 6 years old, I used to have an imaginary pet. An imaginary dog, to be exact. Whenever it was time to head out, I’d bring my ‘dog’ (never had a name for it though) along with me to the car and I’d make sure that my ‘dog’ would be safely in the car before I climbed in. During particularly long car rides, I’d even have a conversation with my ‘dog’. I wonder if my parents noticed and if they thought that their elder daughter was a bit of an oddball.

So yes, I have always ALWAYS wanted a dog to call my own. I love dogs. I’m definitely a dog person more than a cat person. I do like cats too but if I had to choose, the dog would win. Hands, or rather, paws down. The sister has a toy poodle named Domo and on some occassions, we’d take him out. However, he is, ultimately, not mine. He is also rather aloof towards me and despite my best efforts, doesn’t take to me very well even though he hung out with me a lot when I was staying at home. Hmph.

In fact, I love dogs so much that I remember vowing to myself that the first thing I’d get when I get my own place is a dog, never mind the furniture 🙂 I even knew exactly what type of dog I’d get: A miniature schnauzer.


We’ve got our own place now and the first few bits we got for the house were necessities and definitely not a dog. We went through our daily life (sleep-work-home-eat-sleep) with little kinks thrown into the mix. My yearning for a dog never faded and I was constantly hopeful that one day, we’d get one to join our twosome family. I dream of days where I’d take my (real) dog out for walks in the neighbourhood, to a picnic at Botanic Gardens, to the beach where he/she will frolick in the sand and water, and the list goes on.


A couple of days ago, I was about to hit the sack when I read this tweet from a colleague-turned-friend:

I almost hyperventiled and fell off the bed in excitement. I replied her immediately to say YES I’M INTERESTED!! and after a flurry of Twitter exchanges, it was decided that I’d go check out the dog the next day. (The boy wasn’t around as he’s off serving the Nation. Again. For the nth time.)

When I first laid eyes on the female miniature schnauzer that was up for adoption, my heart melted into a puddle of goo. She was GORGEOUS. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect but when Moon (that’s her name!) bounded towards me, leaped onto my thighs and proceeded to try and lick my face, I was sold. She was such a sweet and affectionate little thing. How could someone bear to give her up?! I mean, look at her!

Apparently, she and her brother Sky were bought as puppies from a pet shop by a rich family. They couldn’t decide to get Sky or Moon and ended up buying both (!). 3 years passed and their excuse for not being able to keep the dogs?

We have no time.

What. The. F***?! Pardon my French but what is wrong with such people?! How can you buy a pet, or in this case, TWO PETS, and then decide 3 years down the road that you ‘don’t have time’ for it? Pets are not old furniture that you throw out! To make matters worst, Sky and Moon were kept in a small enclosure with barely enough space to run. And guess who was looking after them? The family maid. She ended up feeding the both of them loads of food which led to both dogs being really fat. To be honest, I’ve never seen fatter schnauzers!

Case in point: Moon was so fat, she couldn’t stand on her hind legs for more than 1 second! I guess the consolation was the fact that both dogs had good quality food to eat and it was evident in their general good condition. Moon had sparkly big eyes, a shiny coat and a set of pretty teeth. Almost show dog quality, if you ask me.

To cut a long story short, I pleaded and begged with tears in my eyes with the boy to allow me to keep her. It’s not that he’s against dogs or doesn’t like them. I mean, Domo prefers his company to mine – that says a lot, yes? He was being my steady rock of a husband, trying to be practical. Just when I thought the battle was lost and that we weren’t going to adopt Moon afterall:

“Do you really like the dog?” he asked gently.

“Yes. Very much”, I answered in a soft voice.

“If I say no, will you give me this face for a long time?” (this face is a cross between a sad face and a pout)

“Well, maybe. Ok, most definitely”

“Ok then. Let’s compromise. You can keep her but we’d only bring her home one month from now, ok? In the meantime, you can get the house and yourself ready for her.”

At this point, I couldn’t believe my ears. Did my darling of a husband finally relented and said yes? Did he? Did he???!!!

It took me a while to believe that he actually gave me his blessings. With shaking hands, I rang darthycdious and said with a trembling voice:

“Hey, guess what? The boy said OK! We can keep Moon!”

To say that I’m over the moon (sorry, couldn’t help the pun!) is an understatement. So what if I have to wait a month? I’ve already been waiting almost all my life for a dog, for my VERY. OWN. DOG. A month is nothing 🙂


29 thoughts on “Moon

    1. Thanks Serene! I’m sure Barley brings you lots of happy memories and joy too? Ah yes, the dirty work. I haven’t forgotten about that 🙂

  1. hey! Domo has a “cousin” now 🙂 Dogs really taught me the sense of responsibility and patience, lots of them. I was glad I got my furkid before the real kid came about 🙂 Let’s bring our dogs for the next CNY gathering!

    1. Heh. I thought she’d be his girlfriend? Whenever people asked me how I’m going to look after Moon, I’d quote you and J because you guys leave Paige at home too eh? Gotta speak to you for more tips 🙂

      1. haha, coz Moon is your daughter and Domo’s your sis’s son? 🙂
        BEfore the baby, she gets to roam around the whole house freely when we are at work.
        When the baby arrived, Paige gets the kitchen, utility area, store room and her own toilet during the day, the baby fence at the Kitchen entrance is meant for Paige more than the baby!
        She roams freely when we are at home. She sleeps on J’s side of the bed at night 🙂

  2. Wow, that’s awesome! I have always dreamed of having a dog as well, but I’m one of the four, so my parents already had handful as you can imagine. Needless to say I never owned one. Now I have two girls, I cannot imagine taking care of a dog on top of raising two kids at the moment. I’m not so good at juggling multiple tasks. 🙂 We also like to travel. So, no dog for us, but I can understand your excitement!!! That is so awesome!! Congratulations!

    1. Thanks Kaho! I guess getting a furkid would be the next closest to having a (real) kid for now! Also, even if kids (of the human kind) come about later, I’m sure the dog will fit right in too.

  3. Congrats babe on being a full-fledged fur-parent! Enjoy the ride for it would be sooo fun. Perhaps a swim-date with your pooch and Sparky when I return? It’ll be fun!! 🙂

  4. Congrats to your new member in the family… I can guarantee with chop you will fall in love (without you knowing) deeply with ur furkid. 8 yrs ago I made a choice to buy my own dog despite being nag for more that 2 yrs (by my mum)… but I never regret having rusty as my gog, he is almost my son.

    1. Hey Rustyslave (Jamie?), been so long since I’ve heard from you. I didn’t know that you’re still reading my blog. Wow. Is Rusty 8 years old now? Time flies!

      1. Yup it been really long time… Rusty is turning 8 another 2 more weeks… but he is still play like a 1 yrs old… I love reading your blogs and also others blog which you recommended. I am your secret reader… shhh…. Cant wait for the 1 mth to pass, rite!

  5. so glad the boy agreed!

    my younger 2 were playing with Moon and Sky today and both girls couldn’t stop talking about the dogs! i’m sure she’ll bring love, joy and laughter into your lives.

    1. Ah! So your girls have met Moon and Sky. Do they know that you’re keeping Sky yet or is it still a big secret? I can’t wait to bring her home 🙂

  6. OMG OMG OMG, I’m excited for you toooooo! 😀 But I think she’s got to lose some weight if not it’ll be bad for her health! Hooray Ms ene, finally!

  7. congratulations!! i’m sure you will be the best mummy to Moon. can’t wait to see more of her in your upcoming post.

    1. Hi Audrey, thanks for leaving such a sweet comment 🙂 Not sure about being the best mummy (what a tall order!) but I’d try my very best. I don’t think there’d be many posts about her for now since I will only have her one month later!

    1. Jack was more like the family dog and I was still quite young to know what’s responsibility. Always wished I spent more time with him. I still miss him till today. Sniff.

  8. Your excitement is super comic! Congrats on achieving you childhood dream! 🙂

    On a side note, K super loves dogs and goes ballistic when he sees one (even the scary looking kind). I’m now worried that he’ll want one eventually, as I’m scared of them! Heh

    1. Heh. I guess it’s comical because I cannot believe that after so many years, I’m *finally* getting a dog! K should meet Domo and Moon 🙂

  9. Hooray! My mother never allowed us to have pets, after like 2 decades, she suddenly said that it would be nice to have a nice white dog to greet her when she came home. We went to her friend who helps abandoned dogs find homes and got a pure white Chihuahua. The poor thing had so many health problems that she passed away about 2 years after we got her. Now, we received another dog (Pekingnese) from a family who had no time to take care of it too. We’re the lucky ones because Baby brought us so much joy and laughter! Good for you! We shouldn’t forget there are many animals who need love and a family too. Hugs! Please post more pictures!

    1. Hi Jeanne! Thanks for leaving a comment. Wow, after 2 decades and your mum changed her mind? I wonder what triggered it. Yes, adoption is the way to go because there are loads of lovely dogs out there who are just waiting to bring joy and happiness to their new owners. I’d definitely post more pictures as soon as Moon comes and live with us.

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