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miss ene eats: Delish Relish

I’ve always loved the burgers and onion rings at Relish. Unfortunately, their first outlet at Cluny Court is really far for us to get to so I rarely got the opportunity to eat my favourite open-face charsiew burger.

Imagine my happiness and glee when I spotted the construction boards for Relish at MyVillage. Finally! On the last few occassions when we were there, I’d make the boy make a trip to Relish on level 2 to see if the restaurant was open. We – or rather, I – was disappointed the last few times because it was still undergoing renovations.

Until recently.

It finally threw open its doors and I finally got the opportunity to check it out today. Met up with Miss Wanderinrhapsody for lunch on a blistering hot Saturday and I was so glad we were dining indoors with air-conditioning. Phew.

It wasn’t too crowded at lunch (save for about 3-4 other filled tables) which was lovely. My lunch partner decided to have the breakfast burger while I had my charsiew burger. Of course.

Miss Wanderinrhapsody loved her breakfast burger. Well, she loves baked beans and mushrooms (offered as a side) so what’s there not to like? I quipped that it looked like an atas version of the McMuffin from MacDonald’s. She kindly offered me a portion to try and it was pretty delish. The meat patty (made of sausages!) had a nice sweet-and-salty mix. Mmmm.

As you can tell from the picture above, my burger was hard-core charsiew doused in sweet black sauce but that’s just the way I love it. To be honest, I’d call it lor bak (stew pork) more than charsiew but never mind, it’s delicious all the same. I struggled to finish one piece of it so had to pack the 2nd piece. It’s going to be my dinner-for-1 tonight along with leftover fried rice from 2 days ago. Perfect 🙂

I took this photo because I spotted the GE2011 bit at the bottom and it made me smile. Witty 🙂 However, just so you know, they do actually sell furniture too! Vintage furniture to be exact, like this rather cute sofa:

I’m not usually a fan of green but I have to say that this was such a cheery and happy shade of green. I think the BFF might like it. However, she might not like the price very much (it was going for about $1000+!). Gulp.

Relish @ Myvillage
Serangoon Garden
#02-07, 1 Maju Avenue
Singapore 556679

Tel: 6634 3422

Opening hours:

Mon-Fri, 12-3pm (lunch), 6.30pm-11pm (dinner
Sat-Sun, 10.30am-4pm (brunch), 4-11pm (dinner)


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