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One word: Aljunied

So the Elections are round the corner (7 May, for those under a rock). miss ene is quite excited because she is living in “Aljunied” which is actually no where near the actual Aljunied – go figure. This means that the boy and miss ene gets to vote! This will be my second time voting but 5 years ago, I was under “Sembawang” (I think – can’t quite remember) so this is our first time at Aljunied which is the most watched constituency.

There’s no better time to be under Aljunied. And for that, I can’t wait to vote come 7 May.

And how many times did I write ‘Aljunied’ in this short entry?


13 thoughts on “One word: Aljunied

  1. Hey there fellow Aljunian (?!). Yes very tough decision to make indeed, I’m actually dreading 7th May ‘cos I still don’t know who to vote for!

  2. I’d be very torn if Im under Aljunied! Who to vote for?? I respect the govt and I respect the WP’s Mr. Low too! Thank goodness I’m under another GRC. Phew…

    1. I guess most of us respect the government and appreciate what they have done for us thus far. However, there needs to be checks and balances in place to ensure that the people don’t suffer. In any case, that’s my humble opinion. Which GRC are you at?

  3. it will not be an easy decision as the fight is expected to be very intense! Did u see the HUGE crowd that turned up at the WP’s rally at Hougang? it’s insane! I expect that the WP to be expecting that amount of group in Aljunied too!

    1. Indeed! It’s quite exciting though. I mean, do you see Singaporeans this hyped up about politics? I find it quite refreshing! Re the huge crowds, there was also a huge crowd at WP’s rally at the last election. However, they still lost. This means that huge crowd does not necessarily translate into votes.

  4. Yes! Please go to the rallies and hear for yourself things that may not be mentioned in msm. Read the manifestos of alternative parties. Then decide.
    Yeah totally agree miss ene and attendees dont equate to votes. Sigh… Btw Sylvia answered my earlier worries on aljunied grc in yesterday rally. 🙂

    1. Speaking of Sylvia, did I mention that we are actually colleagues? She’s a really lovely person and I always enjoy speaking with her. Eloquent and quick-thinking. We need more people like her around.

  5. proud to be in aljunied too! you know which box i’m going to tick…finally wrote something in my blog (the blogspot one) 😉

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