food glorious food

1st attempt at…

…making pork cutlet.

We finally got down to using the pre-packed curry sauce we bought from Hokkaido (Royce! Did you know they made curry as well?) which was easy to use – pour out of pack, pour into bowl, put into microwave, hit “2 minutes”, done.


We made the pork cutlets on our own. I marinated the meat while the boy fried them. And this is the result:

Turned out to be pretty darn yummy! We did go a lil’ overboard with the amount of pork pieces though. We ate till our tummies almost burst. Burp.


6 thoughts on “1st attempt at…

  1. yummmm this looks so good. Great presentation.

    I love curry rice too……especially the Hainanese version.

    For Japanese food with rice, I usually go for Omu rice or Katsu Don though. Japanese rice alone is soo good.

    I never knew Royce made curry as well.

    1. I never knew that too until we were at Hokkaido and saw the packs of curry! I love Japanese rice as well. Omu rice is the one wrapped in omelette, right? YUM!!

  2. Oh looks yummy! Good job on the mountain of pork.
    Japanese curry is our lazy dinner option – when I feel like eating home-cooked but too lazy to slave over cooking.

    1. Actually, the mountain of pork was a mistake. WAY TOO MUCH PORK LAH! Heh. I’m guessing you don’t make the Jap curry from scratch, right? Which brand do you get?

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