food glorious food

miss ene eats: Singapore Food Trail

After our jaunt at the Esplanade, we headed to MBS’ Rasapura Masters for dinner. Two words: Overpriced food. Or in the wise words of the boy: “It was adequate”.


The boy mentioned to his parents that there’s an old school dining place at the Singapore Flyer and his dad wanted to go check it out so immediately after dinner (!), we went to check out yet another food place – the Singapore Food Trail located at the Singapore Flyer.

As you can tell from the pictures, they’ve recreated Singapore in the 1960s and although quaint, the prices were anything but! See that metal tin mug in the picture? It was a cup of ‘bird’s nest drink’ that was typically found at fair grounds in the past. I remember it used to be a couple of cents but this cup costs $2.50! Phwah. So expensive lor.

Then again, I guess it’s a great place to dine at if you’re a tourist. Then again, Gluttons Bay is just down the road!


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