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881% Entertainment indeed!

We bought tickets for 881: The Musical way back in January and finally, the day came – in April! We took the boy’s parents to watch it as my MIL loves to catch the getai whenever the Lunar 7th Month comes around. Also, the musical was mainly in Mandarin and Hokkien so it was perfect 🙂

The show started promptly at 3pm and from the word go, it was awesome! I’ve caught the movie previously and can safely say that I enjoyed the musical more. The singing was awesome, the costumes were over-the-top, garish and colourful but I loved it! There were also subtitles at the side of the stage to help those who needed help understanding the Mandarin/Hokkien dialogue/songs. I can’t write reviews very well but there’re loads of raves online, such as this one from TODAYonline. You can also check out this clip interviewing some of the main cast from the musical and a behind-the-scenes clip:

In fact, I loved the songs so much, I bought the soundtrack 🙂

During the intermission, we took a walk at the foyer and my MIL asked that I snap pictures for her. Heh. So cute.

She chose this particular stand of flowers because it has “发啊!” on it. Tee hee hee.

Posing with the 881 backdrop.

There were also loads of flower stands dotting the foyer. Spotted flowers from Kit Chan, Nat Ho’s fans, Edward’s parents (he plays “Shou” as part of “Fu Lu Shou” and is a personal friend), etc and I really liked the flowers that had ‘881’ on it! How apt 🙂

After the show, I turned to the MIL and asked if she enjoyed the show. She enthusiastically exclaimed: “好看!”


We also managed to sneak in a picture with Edward who came running out after the show to say Hi. That was sweet of him. Pity he wasn’t still in costume as that’s be a hoot.

Here’s Ed in costume:


Here’s Ed out of it, looking like a normal human being (and not a deity):

If you haven’t got your tickets, go get it today! I heard that most shows are sold out though but it’s been extended till 1 May.

Huat ah!


6 thoughts on “881% Entertainment indeed!

  1. Am a huge fan of 881 as well! Bought the movie soundtrack and for couple of days our car was converted to a mobile getai! Did not know they have the musical! Thanks for the post!!

    1. Hahaha yes! Our car’s turned into a mobile getai as well because we keep playing the CD. If you loved the movie, I think you’d like the musical too – go get the tix!

  2. I took my parents to the musical – it was great! One of the rare shows that’s in Mandarin/Hokkien. Especially loved the 福禄寿 when they came out in rock performance. LOL, hilarious, and I think they sang really well. There were some touching moments too, loved it..

    1. That’s why we took the boy’s parents – most of the dialogue/songs were in Mandarin and Hokkien! I really enjoyed the musical as well. It’s great that they’re (almost) sold out. Hopefully, they’d do a re-run soon!

      PS. Thanks for reading and for leaving a comment 🙂

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