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miss ene is a (wannabe) rock chick.

Last Saturday, the boy and I were at Timbre: Rock & Roots. My colleague received complimentary Premium tickets (PREMIUM!) but they were unable to make it so guess who were the lucky recipients? 🙂

The event started at 6pm but we arrived only at about 8ish after dinner with the family. I love how the Singapore Flyer looks behind the main stage. Gorgeous!

We made our way to the STB Hospitality booth because our tickets entitled us to a lanyard that entitled us to free food and drinks. Woot woot! You know what we found hilarious? We both used to work for the organisation. Tee hee hee.

Did I mention that we also each received a lawn chair with our tickets? It was pretty cool! You could then take the chairs to the VIP area which was right in front of the stage and cordoned off from the masses. See the yellow barricades?

And then, the masses behind and at the sides:

Standing room only! It must have been really uncomfortable. Pfffft.

It was a sweltering night so before long, we were both covered in sweat. Urgh. Thankfully, I brought along the lifesaver – the handheld fan.

It definitely generated a lot more wind than the ‘manual’ fans that Mini was handing out (there’s a picture of it in the lanyard photo above). Thankfully, the VIP area wasn’t too packed so that was a consolation.

We managed to catch Imogen Heap, Trombone Shorty and John Legend. Special mention goes to Trombone Shorty who held a note on the trombone for almost 2 minutes long. MADNESS!! Imogen Heap was pretty amazing live. She was all quirky and down to earth and we enjoyed her performance with a cold beer in hand. Ahhhh…..

It was a lovely way to spend a Saturday night and it’s been a while since we’ve stayed out so late on a Saturday night, i.e. past midnight. Wahahahahahaha.


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