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Loot – Lot #2 (the black series)

Rationale: I really really do need a black watch (don’t have one) and really really do need a black leather bag for work (don’t have one).

Just don’t ask me how much they cost please.


16 thoughts on “Loot – Lot #2 (the black series)

  1. Loveyourbag loveyourbag loveyourbag!!! It looks so nice and soft. Love the handle + should sling design. Very handy when you need to free your hands up for more shopping. And suits days when you’re in a carefree “jaunt down Orchard Road swinging bag in hand” mood! Great purchase!

    1. Awww thanks! I love it too and yes, it is really soft to the touch. I’m glad it’s black because I can’t stop touching it. Heh. It’s also pretty roomy for all my random stuff. Why do girls carry so much stuff around anyway?! I should do a blog entry about ‘things I carry around in my bag one day’.

    1. Go get ’em when you are in HKG! Did you know that Marc by Marc Jacobs is slightly cheaper in HKG than in SIN? They also have a much wider range. I got mine from SOGO at Causeway Bay. That place is HUGE.

  2. I love your bag!!! have been contemplating to purchase it since eons ago.. but it seems really heavy even without anything in the bag.. Do you find it heavy? In the end, I got Vitello in black instead..but am still eyeing it..haa..Cause its absolutely LOVELY!!!! *envy*

    1. I guess I’m pretty used to ‘heavy’ bags since I carry so much crap around with my other bags anyway. You should go get this too. I mean, what’s another bag, right? *wink*

  3. Haha you should do that post! I wanted to do such a post too! I carry way too much stuff in my handbag! I should prob weigh it.. I think it probably weighs at about 2kg +… Gulps…

    1. You know what? I think I’d do that one day and then make other girl bloggers do it too. That’d be quite fun. I mean, everyone loves to be a kay-poh, right? Tee hee hee. And gasp – 2KG?!?!?!!

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