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Loot – Lot #1

As promised (to Yann), here’s the first lot of loot from Hong Kong. Both  items are from the Citygate Outlet Mall at Hong Kong and were no more than S$50 each. Also,to make myself feel better about spending money I’ve included a rationale with each photo and they’re real reasons! I did not make them up. Tee hee hee.

Rationale: I like pink stuff and when I saw this strawberry keychain charm, I decided that it’d be purrrrfect for my car key. And it is 🙂

Rationale: I’ve been on the hunt for a nice lanyard (instead of the school-issued one or the ones with the ugly plastic covering). Some of the nicer ones are waaaaaay over-priced and the cheap ones are just…well, cheap. Spotted this near the entrance of the store and quickly grabbed one. I’m not a fan of the monogram prints but this has a nice flower stuck over bits of it so I can deal with it.


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