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miss ene eats: Da Jie Famous Wanton Noodle

The boy and I were up bright and early a couple of Saturdays ago and decided that we should go suss out some nice breakfast. Usually, we’d be up in time for brunch (i.e. after 12m) so being that early (before 10am) was a rarity indeed.

We were in the vicinity of Little India and we didn’t fancy having Indian food. Our original plan was to dim sum at a place that was recommended but alas, they were closed.

Walked a little bit further on and stumbled upon a little coffeeshop along Sam Leong Road where almost everyone was tucking heartily  into a bowl of wanton mee.

Random note: I’ve always thought that ‘Sam Leong Road’ was named after the famous celebrity chef Sam Leong but apparently, it’s not! I’ve just learnt that it’s actually named after a Chinese businessman named Ong Sam Leong. Ahhh!

So we plonked ourselves at an empty table and decided that wanton mee would be our breakfast of choice.

There seemed to be only one stall that was operating and that was the wanton mee stall called 大姐Famous Wanton Noodle.

We had no idea that this stall is actually pretty well-known for its wanton mee until we did a quick search on Google.

At first glance, I was sold. Check out the fried wanton bits, slightly charred char siew (my favvvvvvourite!) and the dark sauce. Mmmmmm…..

Here’s a close-up shot:

Looks good, doesn’t it?

We tucked into it and both declared it yummy! The texture of the noodles were just right (I really hate the soggy ones), the char siew bits were tender and the soup! There was a sweetness to it and we were both trying to figure out what made it so sweet. The boy thinks that they used yellow beans (黃豆) to flavour the soup. Can’t say I disagree with him! There were also salted fish bits in the wanton. I can’t remember how much each bowl costs but it was pretty cheap ($2 or $2.50). Cheap and good – where to find?!

We both had happy bellies after our wanton mee and to think that we stumbled upon it randomly. Heh.

Da Jie Famous Wanton Noodle
209 Jalan Besar
(at the junctio of Sam Leong Road and Jalan Besar)
Tel: 9667 0087

Opening Hours: Daily 7am – 2pm (Closed on Sun & PH)


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