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miss ene talks fashion

** Clearing my draft folder and found this entry written way back in 2011. Hur hur. **

I got inspired after reading this post by Karen Cheng (one of my favourite bloggers!). In her entry, she talks about what she wears on a plane.

Now, I’m no fashion guru. That title belongs to the sister. She’s the brave one when it comes to fashion, trying on different looks, colours, texture, the works. Me? I’m a lot more simple and conservative. If something works, I’d wear it to death and then mourn it sadly when I have to finally chuck it in the bin because it’s already threadbare. Did you know that I did not dare to wear sleeveless tops till I was quite a lot older, i.e. post secondary school? I can’t remember why but I think it was something about being shy. Being in an all-girls school for 10 years is enough to do that to you, me thinks.

I also used to be a 100% jeans-and-tee kinda girl. Specifically, I loved wearing a plain white tee and jeans. That was my staple ‘uniform’ at school. And yes, I was one of those chicks that wore my jeans till they’re so dirty, they could stand on their own. In fact, my ‘litmus test’ was to see if my skin started to itch when I put on the pair of jeans. If so, then it was time to wash it. Needless to say, my mum was freaked out by this odd habit of mine.

When I grew a little older, I became a little less…boring. I experimented with 3/4 pants, bermudas, even skirts and dresses. I also went through a bohemian-style stage, wearing lots of long flowy printed skirts, ethnic sandals, hoop earrings and lots and lots and lots of bangles. I know, what was I thinking?!

When I finally grew up and entered the working world, I started to understand my ‘style’ a little better. I realised that I do not like prints. I much prefer simple block colours. I do not quite mind stripes but I much preferred clothes that were essentially simple but had a little design or pattern out of the blue. I do not take well to fashion trends and do not follow them. In fact, if I do pick up any trends at all, it’d be through my sister. I’d probably borrow something from her bursting wardrobe and then realise that hey, it fits me and actually looks nice! I’d then go out and buy one or not return it. However, in general, I am quite resistant to trying out new silhouettes, patterns, etc and usually would just zoom in on what usually works which of course means that I usually end up with similar-patterned clothes or colours.

Ok. I meant to talk about travel fashion in this entry but got a little carried away talking about fashion so here goes.

Have you observed what Singaporeans wear when they travel? This can be the clothes they wear when they are at the airport, about to board a plane or clothes that they pack to wear on a holiday. Have you noticed anything? No?

Let me share with you miss ene’s thoughts on the matter. Here goes:

[Before I begin, I am going to state up front, for the record that whatever you are reading is my opinion and mine alone. You may not agree with it so don’t shoot me.]

Track shoes

Why do Singaporeans think that track shoes are the way to go whenever one is going on holiday? Aren’t track shoes (or trainers, as some people call them) meant for the track or gym? I know people choose to wear track shoes because they are comfortable and they support your feet especially on long walks while on holiday but there are a lot of comfortable ‘fashion’ shoes out there! Whenever we travel, I play a ‘spot the Singaporean’ game with the boy and I’m usually right because the track shoes give it away immediately.

The waist pouch

It doesn’t matter if the waist pouch is branded. It is still a waist pouch. Unless you’re a kopitiam drinks uncle/auntie that actually need a waist pouch to carry loose change, I don’t get the waist pouch look. Again, I know it’s out of convenience and I guess this is typical Singaporean pragmatism? The hands need to be kept free for bargaining or shoving with the crowds for the front seat on the tour coach. And guys, having a fat waist pouch hanging off the top of your butt just makes your butt looks bigger. NOT a good look.


Or berms as we Singaporeans like to call them. Singaporeans live in them (along with slippers). It’s almost like our national dress. Regardless of climate, suitability of shorts (they are not trousers, so I classify them under shorts), you bet every typical Singaporean traveller will pack a couple of bermudas into their luggage. What makes it worst is how these berms would be worn to every possible tour location, whether it’s appropriate or not. There are casual trousers and for the ladies, casual summer dresses, etc to beat the heat (assuming you are going to a hot country).


I’m not talking about the pretty slippers that are adorned with ‘jewels’, etc. I’m talking about rubber slippers. Again, regardless of brand, slippers are slippers! Personally, slippers should only be worn around the neighbourhood or to the market. If you have to go anywhere further than that, please, for goodness sake, put on a pair of ‘nice’ slippers or casual shoes! I was just lamenting on Twitter the other day that women wear nice clothes, put on nice make-up, prim their hair…and then wear a pair of rubber slippers. To ION Orchard! Why like that?!

Matching clothes

I don’t quite get people who dress up in matching clothes – matching tee, matching footwear, matching trousers, etc. Is it a let’s-show-the-world-we-are-a-couple thing? Or a show of solitude of us-against-the-world? I can understand if you’re under the age of 12 and it looks cute to wear matching clothes with your sibling but if you’re above that, I find it a little…disconcerting and really cheesy. Unless of course you’re 16 years old and madly in lurrrrrrrve and the world needs to know that you and him are ‘going steady’.

As the sister quipped one day: “I don’t understand why Singaporeans find the need to choose and wear their ugliest clothes while on holiday!” I know COMFORT IS KEY but there are loads of clothes which are comfortable and look nice! Ok, I know the word ‘nice’ is subjective because everyone has a different idea of what is nice. I think there are many ways of looking ‘put together’ while on holiday. In fact, you can even recycle your clothes, especially in colder climates where layering is the way to go. Here are some of my staples when I travel – it will, of course, depend on where I’m going!


I only have them in black and these are the full leggings. They are excellent for flying because they are comfortable and you can pretty much do anything in them.

Spaghetti-strap tops

I have them in so many colours, I’ve lost count. These are great under cardigans, jackets, etc or you can even wear them on its own. Having said that, I don’t usually wear them on their own these days because of two words: flabby. arms.


Yes, I know that jeans can be hot and uncomfortable especially if they are of the stiff kind but I live in them! I find them versatile and I can play it up or down, depending on the top that I wear and the accessories that I use.


These are awesome, especially for the plane ride. Some of them have arctic temperatures and it’s not fun if it’s a long flight! Cardigans or a pretty shawl is useful also if you are travelling between 2 different kinds of climate, i.e. hot and humid Singapore to/from not-so-hot and humid Taipei. They’re also lightweight and easy to carry around. I usually bring one out of me when on holiday so that I can wrap up in case the weather turns chilly.

A good coat

You can ignore this if you are having for a beach holiday in Bali! A good coat that can keep out the wind chill is essential for chilly climates. Good to get one in a primary colour (black/brown/white, etc) so that it can match with most of your wardrobe. You can then play up your ‘inside’ clothes because you’d probably be removing the coat when you are indoors!


I’m talking about flat shoes like ballet pumps, dressy shoes without a heel, etc. I find them comfortable to walk in and they look very decent. Remember, you’d be taking holiday photos so the last thing you want is ugly shoes 🙂 For colder climates, I recently bought myself a pair of full-on leather boots. They keep me warm, snug and dry during winter and that is really the most important. Nothing sucks more than having cold and wet toes when you are trying to shop. Boo.

So yep, there you have it! 🙂


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