Natural vanilla extract

Spotted this at MyVillage’s NTUC Finest ( the ‘atas‘ version of local supermarket chain NTUC) and got a tad excited. I’ve only see vanilla extract from Phoon Huat so of course I had to buy it. Has anyone tried this before?

This is what it says on the website:

We use the best vanilla beans from Madagascar and Papua New Guinea, to make this 100% Natural vanilla Extract, based on Alcohol extraction method, much better than sugar based method, our vanilla does not crystallize when heated,  the alcohol evaporates leaving full vanilla flavour behind. A must for the pastry chef.  Two folds is the technical term for concentrated to twice the strength.

Did you notice that it says ‘double strength’? Does this mean that my cakes will turn out extra aromatic? Does it mean that I have to lower the quantity in the recipe since this is ‘double strength’? Hmmm….


One thought on “Natural vanilla extract

  1. Vanilla and Rose essence. Two scents that are more intoxicating than perfume to me. This is why even though my pockets are empty, I love traipsing along the aisles at atas supermarkets 😉

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