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A day out at the beach

[Photo heavy entry]

On Saturday, we took Domo (the sister’s dog) out to Tanjong Beach at Sentosa.

And finally, my favourite picture taken by the boy – we were taking shelter from the slight drizzle at the tram stop:

Psst. It looks like Domo was posing for the picture but the boy was doing everything to get him to look at the camera. 0.5 seconds after this shot was taken, he got distracted by other bits again. Heh.

It was a really fun day out. We should do it again soon.


6 thoughts on “A day out at the beach

  1. looked like you guys had a great time! Did you bring Domo swimming? It’s pretty fun hanging out at Tanjong Beach with the other dogs too… Hehe…

    1. Domo doesn’t quite like swimming! He doesn’t socialise very well, unfortunately. Male dogs come up to him, wagging their tails like crazy, wanting to play and our friend just zooms in on the lone female dog in the area. Tsk tsk. Mind you, he’s been spayed! Yes, we did see loads of other dogs at Tanjong Beach too.

  2. Looking at Domo’s photos always reminds me of my own dog. Its also a mini poodle, but mine is in Silver. So cute… My dog doesn’t quite like swimming as well. We used to bring him to this doggies pool, he barks while he swims. Maybe its a poodle thing? (:

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