Found this old picture of Domo (my sister’s dog) in my photo folder and decided to give it the ‘Labelbox’  effect. I love the ‘Dymo‘ font type. And yes, you’d need to be old enough to know what is the ‘Dymo’ font. Heh.

He looks so much like a toy dog here. Awwww….


6 thoughts on “Domo

    1. Yes, I heard about the WordPress outage for Starhub users. So strange! Glad it’s all ok now! And yes, I also think that Domo has some sort of teddy bear genes in him. Heh.

  1. I know what a Dymo type font is! But I clicked on the link – no longer that hand-held thing you dial and punch (hard hard) to create each letter on the coloured sticky strip? They look like boring automated modern label machines now!

    Absolutely cute dog too 🙂

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