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Eating in Bali – Warung Eropa

Right across our villa was this warung called Warung Eropa. Everytime I spot it, it means that we have arrived back at the villa. Heh.

Right below its name has this line: the finest crispy duck in Bali.

Last I heard, the best crispy duck in Bali is in Bebek Bengil in Ubud. However, the last time we ate there, I remember the pork chops being more yummy than the duck! Yes, it was fried to a crisp but it was also dry. Not particularly good, I thought.

On our last night in Bali, we headed to Warung Eropa for dinner. I was also curious to dine at this restaurant that touted itself as having the finest crispy duck in Bali because it is quite a tall order!

It wasn’t particularly crowded save for 2 other tables of tourists so we got a nice table. The restaurant was tastefully decorated – I like!

As there were 6 of us (FIL’s a vegetarian so he had his own food from another restaurant), we decided to share escargots and Vietnamese spring rolls as starters.

I can’t comment on the escargots because I don’t eat snails them but the spring rolls were yummy! Then again, how wrong can you get with spring rolls, right? The real test was going to be the mains – the boy had the crispy duck (so did everyone else!) while I decided to on the BBQ pork ribs.

Service was also prompt and efficient and soon enough, the star of the evening arrived.

I have to add that I’m so upset with myself for not taking a clear picture of the crispy duck. I only took one shot and it turned out to be slightly blurry! Pffft. I blame it on my excitement. It smelt wonderful when it arrived at our table. Mmm….

The boy took a bite and declared it yummy. I stole a bite too and although I’m not a big fan of duck, agreed with him immediately. It was 100x better than the crispy duck in Bebek Bengil, can?! This crispy duck was definitely erm, crispy but yet at the same time, still remained juicy. Yummmmmm. Ok, I have to confess that I’m -this- close to licking the screen while writing this entry.

And did I mention that BBQ pork ribs? Did I? Did I?! I hereby declare it, possibly, one of the best I’ve eaten. And mind you, I have eaten LOADS of BBQ pork ribs. The meat was juicy and tender and most importantly, came off the bone easily. There’s nothing I hate more than tough pork ribs where you end up fighting with it rather than eating it. And the BBQ sauce! It had just the right level of sweet and salty-ness.

Needless to say, I was a very very happy girl. *licks fingers*

I’m no food critic and I can’t describe it any better but you have to take my word for it that it was damn good! Best of all, they were really very affordable for the high level of food quality.

58K for the crispy duck set that came with rice, vegetables and sambal. This works out to be about S$8.50. I can’t quite remember how much the BBQ pork ribs cost but it was definitely less than S$10.

If you’re in the Seminyak area, you’d have to make sure you check out this place at least once (and eat the BBQ pork ribs for me!). It’s not in the main Seminyak tourist area but I am sure any cab driver can take you there.  Me thinks that I’ve found yet another favourite place to eat in Bali…

Warung Eropa
Jln. Petitenget 9D, Kerobokan.
Phone: 747.1771


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