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Rafting at Ayung River, Bali – Day 2

We had a full-day of activities on our second day in Bali. It started with an early breakfast before heading out of the villa doors at 8am for a one and a half hour ride to the Ayung River. We were going river rafting!

This picture of the in-laws is soooo cute – they’re in the life jackets and helmets for the trip. For some strange reason, I thought that we’d simply walk to the river and start rafting but noooooo. There were a million (narrow) steps downhill (it was apparently 450 steps according to this blog) and back!

I’m not the fittest person around so even though we were going downhill, my legs were feeling like jelly. Urgh.

Are we there yet?!

Finally, after what felt like forever, we arrived at Ayung River.

We hung around (using the time to catch our breath and rest our tired legs as well!) while the guides (from Bali Payung Rafting) pumped up the rafts.

Can you spot the FIL at the right of the picture? He was so excited, he went and stood right at the edge so that he can be the first to get on the raft. Awwwwww.

The PIL, the boy and his elder brother got on one raft while the rest of us were on another one.

One of the guides gave us some simple instructions, i.e. when our guide shouts “boom boom”, it is time to get on the floor of the raft as we are approaching a drop, we grabbed our paddles and we’re off!

A funny incident occurred at one of the drops when our guide fell out of the boat! This meant that the 3 of us actually went down the (small) rapid guide-less. We were cheering and clapping, feeling really pleased with ourselves when I realised that the guides from the other boats looked a little frantic. One of them asked: Where’s your guide?!

I turned around (R and I were at the front of the raft) and realised that our guide was gone! Alamak! Apparently, at the downward rapid, he fell into the water. We thought that he was play acting but when we watched the dvd that they recorded (there was a video/cameraman following us), it didn’t look like he planned it. Little wonder the rest of the guides were in a bit of a panic. Heh.

I don’t have any photos of us rafting as the camera was with the boy (it was safely tucked inside the blue plastic bag) but we whipped it out again when we took a short rest stop.

There were a couple of other rafts with us with visitors from Australia and Dubai. The couple from Dubai were on their honeymoon and I couldn’t help but notice that the lady was carrying a leather Gucci sling bag. Really? Gucci? For rafting??! Some people are really rich lor.

Check out these amazing carvings at the side of Ayung River.

Really intricate and according to the guide, they’ve been there for a long long time. The carvings go on for quite a distance and look like they tell a story. I wonder who carved them and why. Hmm….

We also managed to experience a couple of waterfalls – the guide would steer our rafts under the waterfall with the cool water beating down on us. Nature’s pretty amazing! We heard later that the boy and his elder brother also got to climb onto a rock to jump into the cool waters at the waterfall. *jealous* How come we didn’t get to do it too?!

After about 2 hours, we finally came to the end of the adventure. It wasn’t over yet because we still had to climb ’em million stone steps back up. Oh maaaaaaan. My poor MIL was so exhausted, she couldn’t make it up on her own so her 3 sons had to help her up – one on each side, another at the back to push her upwards.

We all made it up in the end though. Phew!


7 thoughts on “Rafting at Ayung River, Bali – Day 2

  1. Wow, what a fun experience you had! Isn’t it a little panicky when other instructors are worried about your instructor missing? How cool there was a camera following you. I would be worried, too! I haven’t tried rafting yet. I would be so so scared. But, I’m curious and would love to try a baby one. I have another friend who tried rafting in Bali and she said she had the best time. Your pictures are beautiful! Thanks for leaving me a comment! You’re so cute and funny. Enjoyed your comment. Thanks also for letting me know how you found me. I appreciate it!! xo Kaho

    1. Hi Kaho! To be honest, we had no idea that our guide had fallen into the water till later, after we have cleared the rapid! Heh. I’ve actually rafted before in Nepal at a level 5 river (this was a level 3) so it wasn’t too bad. You should try it – it’s fun!

    1. Maaan, I can’t do kayaking or canoeing. It looks way too tiring! THREE HOURS?! I don’t think I can last 15 minutes. My arms would have fallen off (and eaten up by sharks). You should try rafting. Definitely less tiring but you have to realise that you’d get (very) wet because of the rapids and the other guides splashing water at you!

  2. Your parents-in-law sure are game enough to try this! Kudos to them. And to you too!! I tried rafting once and unfortunately for me, got thrown out of the raft. Since then, this is one sport I would not want to try again.

    1. Well, they didn’t have much of a choice as the itinerary wasn’t planned by them! But yes, I’m still pretty amazed that they (literally) took the plunge. Oh dear. Being thrown out of the raft is not fun at all! I’m sure it must have been quite traumatic?

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