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Kena summon!

Two weeks ago, I was on my way to work on the usual route when I made the mistake of slipping into the last bit of a bus lane before the lines become dotted. The reason I did that is because I was going to make a left turn and in the middle lane, there was a long queue of cars going straight. On hindsight, I should have guessed that everyone was being watched because the long queue was not typical! The extreme left lane (i.e. the bus lane) was empty so I instinctively headed there.

Too late.

I spotted a guy in a LTA safety jacket snapping my picture before I could react. My heart sank. I knew that I’ve just been caught on camera for going into the bus lane.


What really pissed me off is how loads of cars do the same but they’re heading straight. What they’d then do is to cut back into the centre lane past the traffic light. I know that technically, I’m in the wrong because I did enter a bus lane but my weak argument is: I was going to turn left and there wasn’t any bus in front/behind me!  I wanted to write an appeal letter to LTA but after I received the letter, I decided against it. What was I going to say? I don’t think my argument was going to hold water.

This is why I’m blogging about it instead.

Don’t get me wrong – I whole-heartedly believe in the bus lane system. Otherwise, no one will ever give way to buses! However, I have loads to say about HOW the system is carried out. How many times have you had to cut abruptly into the left lane at the last dying second because you were going to make a left turn and the dotted lines only appeared in the last 5 metres or so? Madness, I tell you. Accidents are just waiting to happen with such a system.

After we got back from our Bali holiday, the boy handed me the letter:

And for the record, the fine is $130 but thankfully, no demerit points. Phew.

I tried to make payment online today and it kept saying that there was no such record. Doh?! Turns out that I had to fill in the letter, fax/mail it back to LTA, and they’d then send me another letter for me to pay the fine. Did someone mention pointless and unnecessary paperwork?!?!

RAH!!!!! *spews fire*


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