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The family holiday – Day 1

We spent 4 days in Bali on a family holiday with the parents-in-law, his elder brother + sister-in-law and his younger brother. Yes, the boy’s the middle child 🙂 This trip was planned last year when the SIL suggested that we do a family trip to Bali to celebrate FIL’s 60th birthday. Unfortunately, due to my school schedule, we couldn’t go on his actual birthday so the trip was somewhat belated. This was going to be my 3rd trip to Bali and the 4th for the boy. However, it was the first time for everyone else (save for the SIL who’s been to Bali once before).

Most of the arrangements were made by the SIL and we just went along. The entire family stayed at a self-contained villa in Seminyak called Villa Erick. It is located slightly away from the main tourist areas of Seminyak but no biggie, we had a private car which took us everywhere. Right opposite our villa was a restaurant called Warung Eropa and they have the best crispy duck I’ve eaten in Bali. More on that in a separate entry.

The villa.

The entrance to the villa.

I didn’t manage to snap a good picture of the villa but here’s a nice overview picture from their website.

Source: Villa Erick

There were a total of 3 rooms on the ground level and 2 rooms on the second floor. As you can see from the picture above, there’s a nice pool that’s the centre-piece of the villa. It also comes complete with a living room, dining area and kitchen. However, we did not have to step into the kitchen as there were housekeeping staff to attend to our every whim and fancy. Heh.

After we checked-in, we immediately went to our rooms and changed into our swim wear. Time to jump into the pool because it was sweltering hot!

Can you spot me? 😉

We headed to Legian Beach after where R (the boy’s younger brother) and I tried our hand at surfing! I’ve always wanted to try it but never got the chance to.

It turned out to be pretty fun but really tiring. Actually, the actual surfing wasn’t tiring since I spent all of 5-8 seconds each time on the board but fighting the waves to get further out into the sea took the wind out of me. Phew. After a while, I got really tired so got the boy to take over since we had the board (and instructor – the guy in the picture above) for an hour.

After our jaunt at Legian Beach, we drove to another beach near Nusa Dua called Geger Beach. Turns out that it was pretty boring so despite driving quite a distance there, we spent less than 20 minutes!

After a quick shower back at the villa, we hopped back into our private car (which can sit 7 pax!) and headed to Jimbaran Bay for seafood. I’ve never found the food at Jimbaran particularly spectacular. In fact, I always thought that it’s quite blah. However, it is quite a nice experience to dine on the beach with the sea breeze in your hair…

Not many photos as it was really dark, save for a couple of candles on the table. As usual, food wasn’t spectacular and I must have swallowed a few fish bones along the way (too dark to see anything!). The only thing different this time was a short Balinese dance performance by a lady dancer but she looked pretty bored. Can’t blame her since she probably does it every single night. Personally, I find Jimbaran Bay waaaay too touristy with the entire row of seafood restaurants serving pretty much the same stuff.

Coming up next: Day 2 – Rafting at Ayung River!


2 thoughts on “The family holiday – Day 1

  1. Yeah I think having a meal at Jimbaran is really more for the experience of dining literally on the beach than for the food! We had fantastic fish and seafood at several other places tho.

    P.S. The villa looks expensively AWESOME!

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