lil' things that make me happy

Lil’ things that make me happy #4

We met up for dinner at nex (my new favourite place – it’s really close to our home and has everything under one roof – woots!) after work on Friday and the boy excitedly said “I’ve got something for you”.

And this is what he gave me:

Sex and the City 2 dvd! I’ve been meaning to buy it but I couldn’t bring myself to pay $29.90 for it. Heh. When I was finally ready to buy it, it was sold out. Tsk.

Valentine’s Day just passed and as someone (wise) said: It’s not about grand gestures on one day in a year but the lil’ things that is done throughout.

Thanks for the thoughtfulness!


4 thoughts on “Lil’ things that make me happy #4

  1. I watched SATC2 but never caught the original movie. This reminds me that I just have too. Great gift 🙂

    I am worried about the Nex lift (hope there are no more lift incidents)

  2. Guess what? My boy got this for me too!! We were having dinner at Holland V and he went to his car to get something. Came back with the DVD – he popped into videoezy and saw it on sale. 🙂

    1. He saw it on sale (i.e. was going for cheap) or saw it FOR sale? Did he get it for you just because it’s cheap??

      Ok, I’m being evil. That was still sweet 🙂

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