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My (feathered) breakfast companion

I had a 9am class this morning which usually means that breakfast is a hurried affair. I’d usually try and bring something from home and if that doesn’t happen, I’d grab a quick unhealthy meal from the canteen of fried noodles/bee hoon along with a fried egg. Yes, FRIED and FRIED.

So there I was, trying to gobble eat my breakfast when look who came along to check out what I was having for breakfast.

Yes, that’s a real peacock, in case anyone’s wondering! And no, I don’t work at the zoo.

I was eating with my colleague and it kept inching its way towards us with a focussed look in its eyes. It was a look that said: Give me some of that bee hoon goodness NOW, you silly woman.

 It even walked (waddled?) around the table and approached me from the other side of the table which led to me having a very nervous breakfast as we both eyed each other suspiciously.

Seeing my slight distress, my (male) colleague kindly tried to shoo it away but it wouldn’t let up! Even though I’m not afraid of peacocks per se, I noticed that it has a VERY SHARP BEAK and I was deathly afraid of it pecking me!

Thankfully, breakfast went by without much of an incident and peacock moved on to terrorise hang out with other diners. Not sure what it was attracted by though. Maybe the sunny-side up was too tempting…

Side note: What do peacocks eat anyway?! I know for a fact it’s not char bee hoon lor.


One thought on “My (feathered) breakfast companion

  1. I would be slightly afraid. Saw this beautiful wild creature attacking a car in the Sentosa Shangri-la public carpark. It probably saw it’s reflection and thought it was an enemy or something. The poor car owner. I think he/she would be utterly shocked when they returned.

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