881 The Musical

Did you catch the 881 movie when it was last screened?

I caught it with the family back then and I think they quite enjoyed it because there were loads of Chinese/Hokkien ditties that they’re familiar with.

Fast forward to 2011.

Did you know that there’s going to be 881 The Musical?

We’ve booked tickets for it and this time round, will be watching it with the boy’s parents. Another reason why we’re catching it is because our friend Edward Choy is part of the cast. He will be acting as “壽” (Shou) – yes, as in the God of Longevity, part of the 福禄寿 (Fu Lu Shou).

Here are some official photos taken from the Toy Factory website ( – that’s Edward in the middle, in yellow. Hehe.

There’s a 15% discount for OCBC card holders if you book at Sistic now. The musical will run from 15 to 24 April 2011.


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